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Fundraising FAQs

Does World Land Trust have places available in events like the London Marathon?

Charity places in the London Marathon are very hard to obtain and if you would like to run for us, you will have to enter through the general ballot. 

How should I collect money?

It really helps us if you can use our online fundraising facilities, but if you’d like a paper sponsorship form please contact We do ask our fundraisers not to collect funds through their own websites and third party bank/PayPal accounts.

Can you supply collection boxes?

Yes, we can supply collection boxes to individual fundraisers and corporate supporters. You will need to confirm in writing that you agree to our collection box policy, and in particular that

  • The box will not be used for street or door-to-door fundraising.
  • It will be kept secure.
  • Funds will be passed to WLT quarterly (long-term fundraising) or promptly after the event (one-off events).
  • Individuals requesting a box are aged 16 or over.

If you would like a box please click here.

When should I pass my funds to WLT?

By law, you must pass funds raised for World Land Trust to us within the timeframe we request, and we ask to receive funds within 6 weeks. If you have raised money using an online fundraising site, this is passed to us automatically.

Is my fundraising legal?

Please do contact WLT when you’re at the planning stage of your fundraising, as we will be able to advise you if there may be any problems. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Collecting money door-to-door is illegal unless you have a licence, and we ask our supporters not to raise funds for us in this way. You also need a licence and permission from your local authority if you are planning to sell goods or collect money in a public place.
  • If you are preparing food and drink for public consumption as part of an event, you are responsible under the Food Safety Act (1990) for making sure that everything supplied is deemed fit and safe. This covers food and drink sold or raffled for charity and supplied free to the public.
  • Holding a raffle is fine if it’s part of a bigger event and there are no cash prizes, but other raffles may be unlawful.

Where can I find further guidance?

There's lots of information on many aspects of fundraising for charity on the Institute of Fundraising's website for fundraisers:

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