With our Carbon Balanced programme, WLT offers what we believe is the most responsible, sustainable and effective choice for the global climate, for threatened habitats and wildlife, for local communities, and for your business.

Whether your goal is carbon neutral, net zero or carbon positive/negative – protecting certified carbon-rich and biodiversity-rich habitats with WLT will get you to where you need to be.

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In 2019, the UK became the first major economy to pass a net zero emissions law, requiring all greenhouse gas emissions to be brought to net zero by 2050. Others – including France, China and Japan – have followed suit. The situation is clear: Climate change and the regulations that come with it will play a huge role in shaping the business sector over the coming decades.

We know that carbon offsetting can be complicated. On our Carbon Balanced pages, you’ll find details of the process and provide further information on relevant subjects. You can download our Carbon Balanced Brochure here.

Addressing your business’s impact on the planet takes more than just money.

At WLT, we work only in highly biodiverse areas that are under threat from human activity, where we can ensure endangered species are protected and local communities receive the support they need to develop sustainable livelihoods, pursue educational opportunities, and play a leading role in the conservation of their land. On the ground, our partners restore degraded forests, plant new trees, and protect the well-established primary forests frequently referred to as “carbon sinks”.