While you may think that using recycled paper ticks one more environmental box, many companies are going further by using Carbon Balanced Paper, an initiative that offsets the carbon emissions from your office paper and marketing communications.

Carbon Balanced Paper, in partnership with Carbon Co., offers a simple way for organisations to balance their paper impacts by protecting the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

A simple, valid and measurable way to reduce the carbon impacts of your printed media and communications through conservation projects undertaken by World Land Trust (WLT).

Through WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme, carbon emissions generated by a particular product or activity are offset or ‘balanced’ by the carbon stocks saved when WLT conserves ecologically important forestry under imminent threat of clearance. These standing forests ‘lock in’ carbon that would otherwise be released – and continue to absorb carbon dioxide through their lifetime.

The initiative considers the average carbon emissions related to the manufacture of paper (cradle to gate). Since its launch in 2011, over 3,000 brands and organisations have taken positive action by choosing Carbon Balanced Paper. More than 200,000 tonnes of CO2e have been balanced, helping World Land Trust to protect 19,000 acres of threatened habitats.


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The Carbon Balanced Paper scheme is a credible solution enabling companies and organisations to reduce the environmental impacts of their paper based media and communications.

A registered Carbon Balanced logo is available for use on artwork as is an official World Land Trust certificate to endorse the amount of carbon saved through your use of Carbon Balanced paper.

Certificates can be awarded directly to the end user/owner of the Carbon Balanced printed product (i.e. the printer’s customer), and can be used as an official environmental record for carbon reporting and ISO14001.

When customers choose to use Carbon Balanced Paper, printed by a Carbon Balanced Printer, they can be confident in knowing they are using one of the most sustainable and planet-positive print solutions available.


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