WLT's Carbon Balanced Projects


At WLT, our profit is biodiversity. WLT’s self-certified projects are based on best practice schemes but without the external (and expensive) third-party verification. This allows for a greater proportion of funds to go directly to project implementation on the ground. By choosing our best practice approach, you’ll save more land, save more species, and amplify your positive impact on the planet.

The impacts of all Carbon Balanced projects are measured and monitored by WLT carbon specialists following international carbon standards and methodologies. This ensures the project design, development and implementation is driven by science, is verifiable and robust, and also remains adaptive to ensure long-term success. We ensure our credits are delivered at a portfolio of sites, all of which are monitored by WLT and underpinned by regular resubmission of carbon data to demonstrate their ongoing impact.

All of our forest protection and restoration projects have measurable, long-term local community benefits, a positive climate impact, and significant biodiversity conservation value – including high-quality REDD+ outcomes – providing flexibility for you regardless of which climate goal your business is currently working towards.

A view of Khe Nuoc Trong, Vietnam