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A wintery scene showing the trees and hills of the Sierra Gorda Reserve in the snow.

Sierra Gorda in the snow. Credit: Roberto Pedraza Ruiz.

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those all-important Christmas gifts. But the perfect present doesn’t need to come at the expense of the natural world.

Whether you’re looking for a unique Secret Santa present, a generous gift for a loved one, or simply a stocking filler, we have a range of options available to help you gift with the planet in mind this festive season.

1. Plant a Tree

By gifting to our Plant a Tree programme, you can help bring vital forest habitats back to life.

From just £5, you can gift the planting and ongoing care of one or more new native trees. It’s an ideal choice if you’re in need of a unique Secret Santa present or a stocking filler that will have a lasting impact beyond Christmas morning.

So far, over 2.7 million trees have been planted through Plant a Tree and every single one plays a much bigger role in restoring fragmented forests.

Trees in the snow in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, Armenia.

Plant a Tree donations help restore forests in locations such as the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Armenia. Credit: FPWC

 2. Buy an Acre

Perhaps you’re looking for a larger gift for your loved one?

Habitat loss is the greatest threat facing wildlife worldwide. For every £100 donation to our Buy an Acre programme, one of our overseas partners will be able to purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity. A £25 donation will allow our partners to protect a quarter of an acre.

Buying your loved ones a gift through Buy an Acre will make them stewards of a tangible piece of land in countries such as Brazil, Kenya and Argentina.

The sweeping landscape and hills of Brazil.

Donations to Buy an Acre support our partners with the purchase of priority land in places like the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. Credit: REGUA

3. Donate to Colombia’s Forests of Mist

Our current appeal – Colombia’s Forests of Mist – aims to raise £1.15m to expand and protect the Guanacas Reserve, one of the few remaining cloud forests in Colombia’s Antioquia region.

By gifting a donation to our appeal, you will help to secure a future for this remarkable habitat and the hidden life that exists there. Your gift will go towards a reserve expansion of 181 hectares, the planting of 36,500 native trees, and a lifeline for 665 species.

Learn more about Colombia’s Guanacas Reserve here.

An Antioquia Chocolate Frog nestled amongst the greenery of the forest.

Colombia’s Forests of Mist will protect the homes of species such as the Antioquia Chocolate Frog. Credit: Andrea Ferreira

 4. Action Fund

In a time of unexpected emergencies and ever-changing threats, Action Fund enables our partners to act quickly whenever and wherever urgent conservation action is needed.

Donations to Action Fund start from as little as £10. If you choose Action Fund for your gift, your family and friends can be part of the solution to protect vulnerable habitats, species and communities with whatever threats arise as we head into the new year.

A vehicle on a road heading towards a wildfire.

Action Fund supports urgent conservation needs as they arise, such as fighting wildfires. Credit: José Maria Musmeci.

5. Keepers of the Wild 

Keepers of the Wild supports the employment of local men and women as rangers, right on the frontline of conservation. Rangers are essential for the day-to-day protection and monitoring of reserves.

Afterall, land purchase is a prologue; the story of conservation truly starts when our partner organisations, and the Keepers of the Wild, can get to work safeguarding species and habitats in the field.

When you donate as a gift to Keepers of the Wild, your loved one becomes part of the next chapter of that story.

A ranger standing in front of hills and snow, using binoculars.

Rangers work on the front line of conservation. They safeguard some of the world’s most threatened species and the incredible habitats in which they are found. Credit: FPWC

A Christmas gift doesn’t have to be material to be meaningful.

No matter which of our programmes you choose to gift your donation to, you will be making a tangible difference to the natural world in the process.

Gifts of £25 or more can receive a printed certificate. Make sure you order by Sunday 10th December for delivery in time for Christmas.

Together, we can plant the seeds of a healthier planet this holiday season.

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