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‘Secret Santa’- a classic festive tradition shared between friends, colleagues and family members every Christmas season. But what if you want to make your Secret Santa gift more meaningful this year?

If you’re looking for a Secret Santa present that doesn’t cost the earth, planting a tree with us is the perfect option for you.

Here’s 5 great reasons why you should Plant a Tree with WLT for your Secret Santa gift…

1. It’s an affordable gift option

At only £5 per tree, planting a tree with us is an affordable gift that will sit perfectly within your Secret Santa budget, while make a big difference to the planet at the same time.

A gifted donation of £5 will fund the planting and ongoing care of one new native tree in locations such as Armenia, Brazil and India.

We work closely with our conservation partners around the world to ensure that every single donation helps to plant the right trees in the right places, with all the care they need to survive on their own. Your £5 will go a long way!

The snow covered landscape of Armenia's Caucasus Wildlife Refuge.

Plant a Tree is helping to restore the forests of Armenia’s Caucasus Wildlife Refuge. Credit: Roberto Pedraza Ruiz

2. It’s unique

Secret Santa presents can be repetitive. By the time Christmas comes around each year, we understand that it can be difficult to find a gift for your friend, colleague or family member that feels unique and thoughtful amongst the typical Secret Santa offerings. So, why not think outside the box this year?

Gifting a tree is a chance to do something different.

3. Every donation means more than just a tree

One tree might not seem like much, but every single tree funded through our Plant a Tree programme is part of something much bigger…bringing forests back to life.

The world loses the equivalent of 31 football pitches of forest every single minute, but reforestation is one of the main ways of restoring damaged ecosystems. And each tree planted with us plays a vital role in that.

Planting a tree for Secret Santa will make your gift even more meaningful, and you and your loved one will both become part of the wider solution in restoring fragmented forests around the world.

The hills and trees of Brazil's Atlantic rainforest coated in mist.

Only 7% of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest remains standing today but with Plant a Tree, a better future is possible. Credit: Jessica Stewart.

4. You will be giving a lasting gift

Unfortunately, many gifts have a short lifespan – especially novelty items that can even be thrown away unused. But when you gift a tree with WLT, we can ensure that your Secret Santa present will cover all the new tree needs to survive on its own.

Every £5 funds a tree from seed, to sapling, to success. And for each new tree, our partners are involved in every step of the process.

Your gift will cover the collection of seeds from carefully selected native tree species, nurturing the seedling in its nursery until it’s ready to be transferred to the planting site, and finally the ongoing care and monitoring of the sapling as it grows.

Plus, all of our saplings are nurtured and monitored for at least ten years, and if it does not survive, it will be replaced to guarantee your donation counts where it matters most.

A tree gifted with WLT is a promise that your Secret Santa present will have a long-lasting, positive impact on the planet.

Asian Elephant.

Newly planted trees will protect habitats for species like Asian Elephants. Credit: David Bebber

5. Plant a Tree supports habitats and homes for wildlife

Habitat loss is a major cause of the biodiversity crisis facing our planet today, but when you gift a tree for Secret Santa, you will help to protect ecosystems and the homes of wildlife.

Many of the trees funded through Plant a Tree grow quickly, and fruiting species provide food for wildlife within just a couple of years. This also encourages species back to areas that have suffered deforestation, restoring the biodiversity essential to a healthy natural world.

For example, at the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge in Armenia, newly funded trees will reforest habitats used by species such as the Caucasian Leopard, and native fruit trees will offer vital food sources to Syrian Brown Bears reducing human-wildlife conflict and helping wildlife thrive.

A Secret Santa donation to Plant a Tree will bring forests back to life one tree at a time, and provide a lifeline for the species that depend on those forests.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option that will make for a unique and memorable gift, or a present that will have a lasting impact on the world around you, gifting to Plant a Tree this Christmas is the perfect choice.

Choose Plant a Tree for Secret Santa this year, and help us plant the seeds of a healthier planet for generations to come.

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