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Credit: Sam Bean

By World Land Trust CEO, Catherine Barnard.

Have you noticed how much more noticeable nature has been during lockdown? Our streets have been quieter, our skies have been clearer and the sound of birdsong has been more audible than it has been for years.

People across the globe are connecting with the natural world around them in ways even the most optimistic conservationists would have thought highly unlikely in their lifetime just a few months ago – and we’ve been doing it all from the comfort of our own homes.

Explorer, Everest summiteer and the man behind the World Record Attempt 7-2-1 challenge is supporting World Land Trust’s Bigger Picture campaign.

There is obviously huge irony in the fact that this heightened appreciation of the wild world has coincided with such large-scale restrictions on people’s ability to get out and about and enjoy nature in the usual way.

But whether this reconnection with the environment has been forced upon us or not is, the fact is it’s been good news for us, our local environments and the planet as a whole, and we must do all we can as part of nature ourselves to protect it for generations to come.

That’s why we’re launching our Bigger Picture campaign and asking people across the UK and beyond to share the precious perspectives they have on the natural world around them right now, while also making a commitment to do their bit for the planet going forward.

Credit: Gene Chui

“Looking out into the garden, I appreciate how much access to outdoor space I have when compared to a lot of people during lockdown. More space is part of the reason I moved out of London a few years ago. There are big plans for this garden still and the pink fence came about in the last few weeks as a way of brightening up a relatively sad time. Here’s to the near future, and greater freedoms to enjoy nature when restrictions are relaxed.” – Gene Chui

All you need to do to show you care is take or draw a picture of your garden, yard or whatever it is that’s keeping you in touch with nature at the moment (perhaps a favourite spot on a country walk), and then share it on social media, explaining in a line or two why it’s so important to you right now, tagging World Land Trust, including the campaign hashtag #WLTBiggerPicture, and stating that you’re ‘Proud to be part of the Bigger Picture’ when it comes to man’s relationship with the natural world.

But what should that relationship look like? And what simple lifestyle changes can we all sign up to that will make a meaningful difference?

Our Ten Ways You Can Be Kinder To The Earth Every Day blog has plenty of tips and advice on subjects such as reducing car use, planting native plants, choosing recycled toilet paper and favouring elbow grease over electric tools, among other things – all which sound small, but taken together add up to have a big impact on our local environments.

You only have to look at recent air pollution statistics to see what effect reduced car use has had on our cities during lockdown – not something we expect to continue when things return to normal, but wouldn’t it be great if as a result of our campaign enough of us decided to leave our cars at home a bit more often and jump on a bike instead?

Credit: Peter Newland.

“This is my favourite spot to sit and have a coffee taking in the early morning sun.” – Peter Newland.

We’d all certainly benefit from that on a local level, but what about areas where habits are more obviously under threat? Where human activity, including deforestation, is having a devastating effect on biodiverse landscapes and habitats, and in turn threatening our own future existence?

Over the last 30 years, World Land Trust has been instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 881,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats around the globe.

More information about what we do and the positive impact we are having on the planet can be found here, but for now all we ask is that you show your love for nature by supporting the Bigger Picture and ask your friends and family to do the same. The future of our Earth – our home – is everyone’s responsibility and taking part in this campaign is a quick and easy way of showing you take that responsibility seriously and are doing your bit to make a positive change.

Thank you for your support


Credit: Maddie Russell

“Hotels might be closed, but this bee and bee remains open for business.” – Maddie Russell


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