A gift in memory: a future for the wild


If you wish to give in memory of someone who loved the wild world, what better way than to protect it for the future? A donation to World Land Trust (WLT) will save some of the most world’s most threatened wilderness and wildlife


Give in memory: how it works

For all donations of £25 or more, WLT will produce a named certificate and pack for you to keep or give as a gift.

We can also plant trees as a gift in memory. A donation of £25 will plant five trees, restoring forests and giving a home to threatened birds and mammals. We aren’t able to mark individual trees on the ground, because these are very remote areas.


Fundraising in Memory

If you are thinking of raising funds in memory, then please do call us for a chat.

You could consider fundraising online with Justgiving. Pages are quick to set up and let friends and family donate, leave comments and share memories. Donations come through to WLT automatically.

If you would like to take part in a fundraising event instead, then we have challenges available to join, or let us know what ideas you already have.


Help and support with your memorial decision

We would like to you find the perfect way to remember your loved one. Please do get in touch for help or support on this decision. We will gladly provide information and support for a collection at a funeral or memorial service.

If you would like to name a protected area after the person you’re remembering, please do get in touch – we will be very happy to help. However, be aware that doing this is usually only practical for donations of over £10,000.