Last year, we watched the world on fire. From the Arctic to Australasia, every image of burning landscapes was horrifying, so this year, with your help, we want to provide our partners with the support they need to stop the flames before they can take hold. Habitats were devastated, species were pushed to the brink of extinction and lives were lost.
The Wildfire Appeal will raise £250,000 to support our partners, to plan and prepare for the fire season and protect the reserves they manage.
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Help us get ahead of the flames.

World Land Trust partners were not immune to the fires. This year, we want to make sure that we can support our partners to prepare ahead of the season, funding vital training, community support and equipment needed to monitor, tackle and extinguish the small sparks that can lead to vast degradation


In hot, dry conditions, fires can quickly get out of control. Once that happens, it becomes challenging to manage a blaze.

In 2020, our partners in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala have already experienced wildfires within their reserves. With rising global temperatures causing hotter, drier summers, and predictions that this will be the worst fire season ever seen, they will not be alone in discovering fires. Every one of our partners is at risk.

We don’t want to leave them to fight these fires on their own. Donations to the Wildfire Appeal will be one of the best ways that you can protect the world from a repeat of last year’s tragedies.

Rangers undertaking fire prevention training in Belize. Image credit: Vladimir Rodriguez

Many factors influence the risk of a forest fire starting. Traditionally, either a natural incident, such as a lightning strike, or a human act of malice or accident, would be enough to ignite a small fire. These may be small beginnings but with strong winds and changing weather patterns, these isolated flames can quickly spread to become an inferno.

Catching a small, smouldering fire early is key to halting its progress. By providing rangers with the right training and equipment, they are able to recognise, and safely respond to, these fires, alongside the patrols that can identify illegal activity and act accordingly to stop them before the forest can be set alight.

Fires are not always discovered in time. The Wildfire Appeal will support fire training for rangers, organisations and local volunteers to ensure that reserves can install fire control methods, learn safe practices and maintain the right equipment to keep fire-vulnerable environments protected.


This year, the Covid-19 pandemic has complicated matters even further. With countries in lockdown, many illegal loggers believe that reserves are unprotected, increasing their activity. While some partners are in lockdown situations, none have left their reserves vulnerable. We can empower them to ensure that they have all the tools they need to keep conservation in action running.

Supporting our Wildfire Appeal will immediately help our partners to fulfil their firefighting needs for this year, and be even more prepared for what comes next. It takes great courage and devotion to place yourself at risk, and we want to ensure that every one of our partners can do so safely and knowledgeably, providing a better outcome for nature reserves around the world.


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