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3 acres
Amazon Basin Rainforest

Rainforest Collection

Dear WLT,
My grade 8 Language Arts class in Kuwait studied a story about the effects of manmade pollutants on the rainforest and decided to do something to help.

The first thing I did was to research organisations involved in environmental protection. Then I downloaded information from the internet about the World Land Trust and with approval from my school, approached my peers about becoming involved.

I asked students in my class if they were interested in participating. They were and we agreed to start a collection for a rainforest donation.

A letter was drafted to the parents about our efforts and approved by my teacher and principal. In all, enough money was collected to save three acres! I sent the World Land Trust our donation in January of 2003.

A month later, we received a certificate that stated we purchased three acres of the Amazon Basin Rainforest! We have celebrated the achievement and the certificate has been framed and will be on display in our school office.

We the students of the Universal American School feel very pleased we were able to contribute to such a worthwhile cause!

Yours faithfully,
Jiva Kalan

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