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Minster School in Nottingham
Money raised: 
16 acres
Brazilian Rainforests

Mufti Day

Dear WLT,

In the Year 9 Scheme of work students spend a term learning about the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Students have looked at the unique ecosystem that is the rainforest, reasons why the Amazon is being deforested and also ways in which the area can be developed sustainably in the future.

Last Year one Year 9 class managed to raise enough funds to buy one acre of the Brazilian rainforest with the World Land Trust. In Year 9 this year we wanted to improve on our one acre and do even more. Two students in particular, Alec Stephens and Matt White went to see the Head, and ask if they could use a MUFTI day to raise money. They also prepared and assembly and video for the whole school to help everyone understand the importance of the issue.

The MUFTI day money and the donations from Year 9 Geography classes meant that £828.84 was raised in total. This has allowed the school to donate enough money for 16 acres of the Brazilian Rainforest. Congratulations and a huge thank you to all students involved, particularly the 2 boys that did all four House assemblies, spreading the message to the whole school.

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