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Holbury Junior School, Southampton, UK

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Dominic Lange with teacher Miss Emma Baser.
Money raised: 
40 acres
Tropical Rainforest

Rainforest Day -Taking Action for the Rainforests

Dominic Lange, a pupil at Holbury Junior School near Southampton, was fascinated with what he learnt about rainforests and horrified at how fast they were disappearing.  He felt he had to do something and searched the web for ideas.  The World Land Trust’s website caught his imagination - £25 to save an acre of forest was “a good price” – and with the support of his teacher, Miss Emma Baser, he engaged the whole of year 6 in a grand fundraising project.  They learnt about rainforest, designed T-shirts (see photo, below) and held a Rainforest Day in May with an afternoon of special events: a sponsored silence, sponsored reading, a sponsored walk around a one acre of a field, cake sales and book sales.

Saving thousands of trees...

Receiving a cheque from the children for £1060, WLT trustee Professor Renton Righelato, thanked the school and told them that their fantastic project had saved over 40 acres of rainforest: tens of thousands of trees, perhaps thousands of birds and millions of frogs. 

...and appearing in the Hall of Fame!

Holbury Junior School informed us of its successful fundraising activities and we were pleased to include the school in the WLT Fundraising Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognises schools that have used imaginative and unusual methods to help save wilderness and wildlife by raising money for the World Land Trust.

Students modelling their T-shirt designs

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