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Big Cat Appeal December Charity card by Pippa and Thomas
Money raised: 
One Acre
Buy an Acre in Mexico

Initially inspired by the World Land Trusts Big Cat Appeal the Children’s group at the Dorking Quaker Meeting created a number of pictures to promote WLT; encouraging the older Friends to part with their pennies. They raise enough money to buy an acre in Sierra Gorda, Mexico, where six cat species (Jaguar, Puma, Bobcat, Margay, Ocelot and Jaguarundi) can be found.

The picture is from the card that went with the collection bowl, and is by Pippa and Thomas, both aged 6.

The certificate will be displayed on their noticeboard so the whole Quaker Meeting can see it.

In their own words this is how they decided to fundraise for WLT:

“Every month Dorking Quaker Meeting has a small collection for worthy causes, and each year the Children’s group at the Meeting are asked to identify their preferrend charity for any donations in the month Decemeber. For December 2014, our young people decided they wanted to collect monies to protect animals – and specifically big cats. We did a bit of research and discovered your Big Cat Appeal, which seemed to chime very much with their wishes…while it was the Big Cat Appeal that first seized their imaginations, as we have raised just over £100, our young people are now very keen to ‘Buy an Acre’…looking at your website, it seems most appropriate to ear-mark the enclosed donation for an acre in the Mexico forests as we note that Sierra Gorda is home to all six cat species found in Mexico.”

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