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Horse Riding in Armenia

Key activities, species and places of interest

  • Around the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge - birding, horse-riding, hiking, exploration of flora.
  • The Ranger Station is located 2000 m above sea level in a typical Caucasian Mountain Area, camping and nightwalks available.
  • Archaeological sites, Khosrov State Reserve.
  • Species include Bezoar Goats, Armenian Mouflon, Black Eurasian Vulture, Golden Eagle. Flowers: Iris Elegantissima.

The profile of the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is very diverse and ranges from 1300 m up to 2500 m above sea level. It includes high plains, deep gorges and steep slopes covered with sparse juniper forests.

Fitness levels required

Variable depending on the activity but generally a medium to high fitness level would allow you to make the most out of the trip. Though not related to fitness as it can affect anyone regardless what level they are, it's also worth noting that the Buffer Zone is around 2000m above sea level and some people may experience slight altitude sickness. The accommodation in Urtsadzor is just over 1000m.

Seasonal information

Camping at the Ranger Station in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is only possible from June to September as the first snows arrive in October and nights can get very cold. The stunning Mountain flora is at its best in May and June.


Facilities here are basic but allow access to a beautiful area. Your stay directly contributes to the protection and conservation of Armenia’s unique biodiversity as well as to the development of the local community (Urtsadzor). The profits are mainly used to maintain the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge.

Village House in Urtsadzor ##

  • Basic, 4 bedrooms available, spacious shared bathroom, huge garden, terrace for evening BBQs.
  • Approx. 15 Euros pp/night including breakfast only. Additional meals 7 Euros each. Typical local food includes home-made cheese, yoghurt, apricots, peaches, fresh baked bread and an Armenian BBQ.
  • Approx. 90 minutes by car from Zvartnots Airport, Yerevan. Taxi approx. 40 Euro.

Ranger Station, Khosrov Reserve #

  • Basic, tents and sleeping bags can be provided; one simple indoor sleeping room (two beds) is available inside the ranger station. No bathroom but an outhouse toilet, electricity available. The station is supplied with solar energy and a wind power facility.
  • 10 Euros pp/night if guests bring their own tents/sleeping bags.15 Euros with tents/sleeping bags and breakfast provided. Basic cooking facilities available.
  • 30 minutes from Urtsadzor Village and can be only reached with a guide and a jeep.

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