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Climate Change: News

  • 28 February 2017
    NASA have announced that 2016 has become the third year in a row to set a new record for the year with the highest global average surface temperature. WLT examines observations of...
  • 31 January 2014
    Building on successful carbon offsetting projects in Ecuador, World Land Trust (WLT) has begun developing a new Carbon Balanced project in Vietnam. For nearly a decade WLT has b...
  • 30 May 2013
    English Heritage (EH) has committed to using Carbon Balanced Paper for all its visitor guides, which is projected to save 260 tonnes of carbon emissions. Carbon Balanced Paper i...
  • 16 August 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) celebrates further success for a project that is protecting biodiversity, fighting against dangerous climate change and benefiting indigenous communities...
  • 12 June 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) helps fund a new nature reserve to protect Mexico’s cloud forest, but new research is published showing the threat climate change poses to this fr...
  • 18 January 2012
    World Land Trust (WLT) celebrates funding the creation of more nature reserves last year than ever before, despite the financial crisis With economic difficulties set to continue...
  • 12 August 2010
    Roberto Pedraza, Technical Officer from World Land Trust (WLT) Mexican partner Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda (GESG) recently took part in a workshop on climate change with Mr. Al Go...
  • 09 January 2010
    The World Land Trust claims it is the voluntary actions of individuals and forward thinking companies that are leading the way in the fight against climate change as it reports a 1...
  • 23 December 2009
    Position statement from World Land TrustWorld Land Trust has been engaged in addressing climate change through mitigation and adaptation for over 20 years when the issue first rear...
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