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Alice in Wonderland meets The Jungle Book: the story of the dormouse and the tiger - and how wildlife corridors save species

Photograph of Simon Barnes looking out of the window
Date and Time: 
Friday 8 November, 7.30pm
The Cut, Halesworth

£10 (full price), £8 (concessions)


Award winning author and journalist Simon Barnes was a special guest at an event hosted by two of Suffolk's leading charities, Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT) and World Land Trust (WLT) in November. Simon lives in East Anglia and actively supports the work of both SWT and WLT. 

Curiously, the dormouse and the tiger have more in common than you might think - and so do Suffolk Wildlife Trust and World Land Trust. 

When it isn’t asleep, Alice in Wonderland’s dormouse lives and travels through hedgerows and trees, relying for its survival on the interconnections between wooded sites. 

Rudyard Kipling’s Tiger! Tiger!, on the other hand, is a Jungle Book story about the relationship between humans and tigers, which also need wildlife corridors through which to roam.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust works to provide safe passage for dormice in Suffolk, while World Land Trust raises funds to create protected corridors in India to give tigers and elephants safe passage. 

The evening event at The Cut in Halesworth provided an opportunity for the public to learn more about the conservation success stories of both charities, and to find out how both organisations are working to preserve the future of the wild world.

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