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Running in the Corridors - additional resources

Running in the Corridors

Welcome to Running in the Corridors. These web pages support the printed pack that you have received.


Classroom PowerPoints

We have prepared Key Stage 1 and 2 easy-to-use PowerPoints that you can use in the classroom to learn more about the 10 animals in the pack. Select an animal below to open a PowerPoint Presentation.

To see the full PowerPoint presentations including slide notes, choose the save option.

Leaf-cutter Ant Colony MS PowerPoint Leaf-cutter Ant Colony
Tree Frogs MS PowerPoint Tree Frogs
Armadillos MS PowerPoint Armadillos
Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth MS PowerPoint Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth
Maned Wolf MS PowerPoint Maned Wolf
Spectacled Bear MS PowerPoint Spectacled Bear
Giant Anteater MS PowerPoint Giant Anteater
Jaguar MS PowerPoint Jaguar
Bornean Orang-utan MS PowerPoint Bornean Orang-utan
Indian Elephant MS PowerPoint Indian Elephant


Wildlife Corridors Board Game

To play the Wildlife Corridors Game, download the PDF Game Board and the PDF Game Rules (These will open a PDF file in a new window.)


Running in the Corridors Certificate

Are you ready to go Running in the Corridors?

Five steps to success:

  1. Decide which animal will be the fundraising focus of your group/class (see table below).
  2. Learn more about the animal and the threatened wildlife habitat it represents.
  3. Plan fundraising activities and keep going until you reach your target.
  4. Fill in the footprint on the poster – you may wish to fill in footprints as you collect funds.
  5. Send your donation in to the World Land Trust (preferred method is online).

Ready to make a Running in the Corridors donation?

Donate online »

The minimum donation in order to qualify for a Running in the Corridors Certificate is £25. All schools who make a donation will also receive a personalised letter of thanks from WLT.


Making a Running in the Corridors Donation

When you make your donation you need to specify which animal you used as your fundraising focus.

The minimum amount to donate for each animal is as follows:





£25 Leaf-cutter Ant Colony Brazil
£50 Tree Frogs Ecuador
£75 Armadillos Paraguay
£100 Sloth Brazil
£150 Maned Wolf Paraguay
£250 Spectacled Bear Ecuador
£300 Giant Anteater Paraguay
£400 Jaguar Argentina
£500 Orang-utan Borneo
£500 Indian Elephant India


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