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World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme provides organisations with the means to quantify their greenhouse gas emissions and offset any they cannot avoid.


 Why offset your organisation's emissions?


Organisations offsetting through World Land Trust (WLT) are not only contributing to biodiversity conservation and tackling climate change, creating a compelling CSR story, but will be entitled to:

  • Use the Carbon Balanced logo on their website and marketing materials
  • Be listed on the corporate supporters section of World Land Trust’s website
  • Gain a Carbon Balanced certificate, specifying the amount of emissions balanced and the monetary donation given
  • Receive yearly updates on the Carbon Balanced programme and its projects in the form of an Annual Carbon Balanced Report
  • Include Carbon Balancing in company reporting
  • Receive WLT newsletters, with the option to sign up for WLT’s eBulletins

Please note:

  • Companies who are Carbon Balancing cannot make any claims of carbon neutrality
  • Carbon Balancing cannot be netted against your gross emissions

In order to formalise a partnership with WLT, corporate supporters should be able to demonstrate a commitment to the environment and should be working towards best practice in their particular industry. In addition, to be recognised as a corporate supporter on WLT’s website a simple agreement will be drawn up for your consideration and amendment.

The three-step process to offsetting

World Land Trust encourages organisations seeking to offset their emissions to follow three essential steps:

1.   Measure

Your company needs a reliable analysis of its current emissions before you can take steps to reduce them and to offset any unavoidable emissions. WLT is unable to provide a detailed carbon footprinting assessment of the embedded emissions attributable to specific products or production processes

Standard free carbon emissions audit

We do, however, offer a free carbon emissions audit to assess the carbon dioxide emissions associated with your organisation’s general operations. To fill out the form you will need the information on your utility bills.

The standard emissions audit is suitable for small to medium sized businesses with, as a guide, a footprint of 500 tonnes of CO2 a year or less. If you have a footprint larger than this, or if this is not suitable for your organisation’s needs, then please refer to our bespoke service below.

WLT will estimate the amount of carbon dioxide (equivalent) emissions generated by the organisation and will issue an audit report

Bespoke carbon audit

For larger or more complicated operations, WLT offers a bespoke Carbon Balanced audit service. This is more comprehensive than the online audit form and can be tailored to the particular requirements of your business. For more information please contact

How WLT calculates your emissions

To make sure Carbon Balanced calculations are based on the best available science, WLT uses the most recent Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved conversion factors. 


2. Reduce

Completing a free carbon emissions audit can reveal your organisation’s major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and highlight areas in which action to reduce emissions can be taken.

All sectors of the global economy will need to make deep cuts in emissions. Relying on another sector (such as land use) to offset emissions that are avoidable is not a viable way of addressing the climate change problem. As such, it is WLT’s belief is that carbon offsetting should only be used in conjunction with measures to reduce emissions at source, within a broader environmental strategy.

There are many simple steps which can significantly reduce the emissions associated with energy use of an organisation. Some links to organisations providing advice are given below.

  • Carbon Reduction Programme – offers advice to organisations wishing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Carbon Trust – work with business to identify carbon emissions and ways to reduce them (including funding)
  • Energy Saving Trust – encourages energy efficiency and promotes the use of renewable energy sources

3. Offset

Having calculated your emissions and considered actions to reduce them at source, you can work with WLT to offset unavoidable emissions. WLT Carbon Balanced offsets are measurable, verifiable and have the protection of critically threatened habitats and their biodiversity as the major co-benefit.

Offsets are allocated to specific project sites on a case by case basis, depending on the size of the offset and the programme’s conservation priorities at the time.

Find out more about WLT’s Carbon Balanced project design »

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