Species Data

Class: Cycadopsida

Order: Cycadales

Family: Zamiaceae

Scientific Name: Zamia incognita

IUCN Red List status: Not Evaluated



Only recently discovered, Zamia incognita’s binomial name (and lack of a common name) reflects its obscure nature. A small, inconspicuous cycad, these plants are likely very rare, but have yet to be fully assessed.


Climate and Range

Zamia incognita is endemic to the Magdelana river valley. They are pollinated by insects, possibly beetles. Cycads do not produce flowers and so often are not often pollinated by bees, butterflies and other common pollinator species but by crawling insects like beetles.

Zamia incognita ©Fredy Gomez

Threats and Conservation

As a species with a restricted range, the main threat to this species is deforestation and loss of habitat within its small range. It does not have any commercial value and, as a small shrub, has no harvestable wood.


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