Species Data

Class:  Magnoliopsida

Order:  Magnoliales

Family:  Magnoliaceae

Scientific Name:  Magnolia yarumalensis

IUCN Red List status: Endangered

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Native to the Antioquia and Risaralda regions of Colombia, Almanegra is a flowering evergreen tree with dark green, lance-shaped leaves and smooth bark. Growing to around 30 meters, this tree is an emergent species that forms part of the tallest layer of the tree canopy of temperate montane forests. The seasonal buds of the tree are covered by a bract leaf until they bloom into distinctive eight-petalled cream flowers, the seeds of which are a bright scarlet.


Climate and Range

Growing in low, humid cloud forests, it is distributed at mid-level elevation along the slopes of the northwestern Andes. Though primarily observed in the remnant fragments of primary forest, Almanegra is also sometimes present among the pioneer species in secondary forest and has been found to be capable of natural regeneration.

View of a Magnolia yarumalensis flower

Threats and Conservation

In addition to high demand for the use of its wood in beams, flooring and furniture, the habitat of Almanegra is extremely fragmented by deforestation due to logging, dairy farming, and urbanisation. Some subpopulations have shown a high rate of propagation from individuals transplanted into tree nurseries, there are proposed conservation programs to extend the range of this species and recover its numbers.


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