Species Data

Class: Mammalia

Order: Primates

Family:  Aotidae

Scientific Name: Aotus griseimembra

IUCN Red List status: Vulvnerable

IUCN Species Range Map



These small (around 1kg), nocturnal monkeys live in northern Columbia and Venezuela. They have large umber eyes, a light grey coat with a buff underside. Their faces are distinctive with a white colouration and black marking around the edge. Sensitive to light, they have even been shown to be disturbed by the light of a full moon.



Although nocturnal, Grey-handed Night Monkeys are also very active around dawn and dusk, often seen foraging in small family groups made up of a breeding pair and their offspring, looking for fruits, leaves, nectar and insects.

Grey-handed Night Monkey. Credit:Freddy Gomez
El Silencio ©Fundacion Biodiversida Colombia


Grey-handed Night Monkeys are arboreal and occur in almost all types of forest in northern Columbia and Venezuela, including coffee plantations, at almost any altitude.

El Silencio ©Fundacion Biodiversida Colombia

Threats and Conservation

Less than 20% of the original habitat for this species still exists, destroyed for cattle farming, mining and agricultural products. The Grey-handed Night Monkey is also under pressure from capture, partly for subsistence hunting but also for the pet trade.


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