Species Data

Class: Mammalia

Order: Primates

Family:  Aotidae

Scientific Name: Aotus griseimembra

IUCN Red List status: Vulvnerable

IUCN Species Range Map



These small (around 1kg), nocturnal monkeys live in northern Columbia and Venezuela. They have large umber eyes, a light grey coat with a buff underside. Their faces are distinctive with a white colouration and black marking around the edge. Sensitive to light, they have even been shown to be disturbed by the light of a full moon.



Although nocturnal, Grey-handed Night Monkeys are also very active around dawn and dusk, often seen foraging in small family groups made up of a breeding pair and their offspring, looking for fruits, leaves, nectar and insects.

Grey-handed Night Monkey. Credit:Freddy Gomez
El Silencio ©Fundacion Biodiversida Colombia


Grey-handed Night Monkeys are arboreal and occur in almost all types of forest in northern Columbia and Venezuela, including coffee plantations, at almost any altitude.


Threats and Conservation

Less than 20% of the original habitat for this species still exists, destroyed for cattle farming, mining and agricultural products. The Grey-handed Night Monkey is also under pressure from capture, partly for subsistence hunting but also for the pet trade.


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