Team WLT at the London Landmarks Half Marathon SEARCH NEWS

On 7th April, Team WLT spent a bright and breezy Sunday running 21 kilometres (13.6 miles) past the City of London’s most memorable landmarks to raise funds for conservation projects across the world. Credit: WLT

On Sunday 7th April 2024, our outstanding team of fundraisers laced up their running shoes for the London Landmarks Half Marathon to help us protect the world’s most threatened habitats and species.

On what was luckily one of the first bright and sunny weekends of spring, Katie, Daniella, Michael, Rebecca, Jacob, Emma and Oliver joined 18,866 other runners for the 21-kilometre (13.6-mile) race, while WLT staff and thousands of spectators cheered them on. Their route wove through Westminster and central London, navigating the city’s most iconic landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Nelson’s Column and Big Ben along the way.

The team have so far raised over £3,200 and donations are still open through their JustGiving page. After enjoying some well-earned rest, the team shared with us how they felt about completing their challenge and why they chose to take a stand for nature with WLT.

Rebecca breezing through the miles. Credit: WLT

Katie Asquith, time: 02:18:25 “I chose World Land Trust because I think the biggest issue facing humanity is global warming, so I wanted to run for a charity that protects land and preserves the environment.”

Rebecca Martin, time: 02:57:14 “I had a great day! The support and encouragement from other runners, from the spectators, volunteers and entertainers kept me going— especially towards the end when I was starting to flag— and it was lovely to have the WLT crew there to cheer me on. It was an amazing experience and I’m still smiling! I’m over the moon to have taken part on behalf of WLT. I think the organisation’s approach to conservation is so refreshing — partnering and empowering communities.”

Jacob keeping up spirits at the halfway mark. Credit: WLT

Jacob Stone, time: 02:03:29 “It was brilliant from start to finish! The atmosphere in London was electric, plus, you are constantly spotting all the landmarks which helps make it go a lot easier and I finished the race will a personal best time! I choose to fundraise for WLT because the funds go towards making a tangible, physical difference. WLT is able to show the areas of natural habitats that have been preserved and protected.”

Daniella and Michael. Credit: WLT

Michael and Daniella Mason, times: 01:42:26 and 02:32:10. Michael told us “It was a genuinely unforgettable experience; my first organised Half Marathon and it won’t be my last! I’d do it all again this weekend if I could. The support from all the charities along the route, particularly from the WLT crew, was amazing. A fantastic event to be a part of, and for a brilliant cause too —but I’d be lying if I said the finish line wasn’t also a welcome sight! I jumped at the chance to take on this challenge for World Land Trust as through working with the charity over the last few years, I’ve seen the team’s passion, commitment and impact on protecting the natural world first hand.”

Runners Emma Howard and Oliver Gard-Murray also completed the race with impressive times of 01:59:00 and 01:34:13. There is still time to support Team WLT and their amazing commitment through their JustGiving page.

And if you’re inspired to start your own fundraising journey, read here about the many ways you can support WLT and become a fundraiser.

The team of WLT staff joined several other charities and organisations making plenty of noise to encourage the runners at the Cheer Station. Credit: WLT

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