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World Land Trust's New Logo

We are thrilled to unveil a new vision for World Land Trust (WLT). Over the past 12 months the team have delved into the essence of WLT. Whilst we had a strong mission and strategy we were aware that as an organisation we were still flying under the radar of many people who care about nature and our climate.

As we have spoken about before in our communications, addressing the pressing challenges of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss requires us all to scale up what we are doing to help address these. And part of that response for WLT is reaching a broader audience. Our longstanding mission and the significant impacts we have achieved over the past thirty-plus years demonstrate that WLT has the potential to be a pivotal force in tackling these crises. However, to amplify our message, it is crucial that we increase our visibility and resonance among a diverse group of audiences. Therefore, understanding how we are perceived by all those who engage with us and our mission has been a key part of our rebranding efforts.

Going forward, we will embrace the overarching brand sentiment: “Actions that create incredible chain reactions” alongside our existing saving land, saving species message, which will have three guiding principles, driving our commitment to conservation, and making a lasting impact on the world we strive to protect.


We will be Confident

We are proud and confident in our cause, but never brash or glib.

We will be Transparent

We are genuine, grounded and what we say is what we do.

We will be Optimistic

We celebrate the positive changes happening around the world and have a relentless enthusiasm for the difference we can collectively make.


As part of any good brand review, it is not just about the way we act or how we feel it is also how we look, meaning that all creative elements have been considered. After careful consideration, the in-house creative team, with the support of their wider network, have created a visual identity that not only mirrors our commitment to protecting the planet but also underscores the intricate interplay between land and its diverse inhabitants.

As part of this process, it was important that this was not just about the present and future; we sought to include a nod to the past, incorporating elements that touched the rich history of our commitment to conservation, keeping the essence of WLT at the heart of everything we do.

Our new logo along with the wider brand language is a narrative, illustrating the chain reactions set in motion by our collective efforts to safeguard the environment. WLT has always been about collective action and, as set out in our mission statement:

Helping people across the world protect and restore
their land to safeguard biodiversity and the climate


It’s also important to note that not everything can change immediately, in some cases there will be need for a gradual transition to new logo so you will need the old logo for a short period of time. We are taking a phased-out and phased-in approach to the transition, with an emphasis avoiding unnecessary waste or expense.

Why the Red-eyed Tree Frog

We decided to incorporate an iconic species into our emblem, a species that could serve as a universal ambassador for the cause: the Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas). This choice, we believed, would not only captivate a wider appeal but also symbolise the interconnectedness of all life on Earth.

Amphibians emerge as poignant storytellers, their presence echoing environmental narratives. A staggering 33% of amphibian species teeter on the edge of survival, with an additional 43% having suffered a decline in numbers. Climate change and habitat loss are the two biggest drivers of this decline, emphasising the reason for WLT’s existence.

Tree frogs in general have their presence on every continent except the icy vastness of Antarctica. These amphibians have become a living symbol, embodying the interconnectedness of what we do as an organisation and our connections with our partners.

Our logo is more than just the frog, the other elements have meaning; a visual representation of totality, connections, chain reactions, friendliness, and adaptability, much like the diverse landscapes and partners across the continents that we support.

In a nod to the past, the Red-eyed Tree Frog — once used in an early incarnation of WLT — was showcased to the world on the cover of Sir David Attenborough book Attenborough’s Life on Earth published in 1979. In turn, we have weaved a narrative thread that spans decades, encapsulating the spirit of conservation and symbiotic existence.

We hope that, through this emblem, we not only communicate our dedication to preserving the planet but also uphold our credibility, displaying a symbol that speaks volumes about our values and the enduring legacy we aim to create. With the new emblem and stacked name of World Land Trust which stands tall, will be a beacon of hope for the future.



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