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“The support that is given to
the World Land Trust is support
that goes directly to the place
where it’s needed.”

Sir David Attenborough


Your gifts will be used to protect land through our Action Fund


Protected Land

We fund the purchase or lease of threatened land across the world, to create nature reserves, protecting both habitats and their wildlife.

In the safest hands

All the land is protected and managed through our local partner organisations and communities – the people who know it best.




Your monthly gift will go directly to our Action Fund, to protect land under threat.

This has never been more important than now.

From urgent land purchases to fighting the impacts of climate change and forest degradation, you can help save these precious at-risk environments. And protect them forever.

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Urgent land purchases

To protect the world’s vital natural ecosystems, we need to protect the land they rely on. The Action Fund enables us to do this quickly, wherever and whenever urgent conservation action is needed.

Fighting fires for the future

Human demands on our plant continue to cause climate change, habitat degradation and crises like forest fires. The Action Fund means we can take pre-emptive steps to protect our precious world – for nature and for us.

Rangers and reserves

Safeguarding the land is essential to the day-to-day management and long-term conservation. Our partner organisations around the world employ experienced local rangers, working on the conservation frontline.


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See Your Impact in Action


Protect the Brazilian Rainforest

With our partners Reserva Ecologia de Guapiaçu, we’re helping protect some of the last remnants of precious Atlantic Forest – tropical rainforest and wetlands that are home to some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, and species found nowhere else on earth.

Plant trees in Kenya

The world-renowned Aberdare forests in Kenya’s Kikuyu Escarpment were extensively logged in the 50s and 60s. This project with partners Nature Kenya is focused on tree planting to regenerate the forests – and provide alternative wood-fuel sources for local communities.




Your monthly gift will go directly to our Action Fund, to protect land under threat.

The land you help protect will be managed and conserved by our local partner organisations and expert local rangers against destruction – safeguarding unique habitats, wildlife and our future.

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