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Spectacled Bear

Spectacled Bear by Lou Jost
Tremarctos ornatus
IUCN Red List status: 


Protected by the following WLT projects areas:

The Spectacled Bear is a small black or dark brown bear with white markings that encircle their eyes resembling spectacles.


Spectacled bears are mainly vegetarian, eating fruit, leaves and nuts. However, they sometimes supplement their diet with insects and mice. They are active at night and live mainly in forested areas but can also be found in more open scrub land. They are very good climbers and create a platform in the trees to eat from.

Threats and Conservation

The Spectacled Bear is the only bear found in South America. Previously hunted for meat and sport, bear numbers have declined and they are now only found in western South America. They are still poached for their gall bladders, fat and bones for the medicinal market.

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