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World Land Trust eBulletin number 8
  • Captive bred Harpy Eagles released in Belize
  • Patagonian wildlife rescued from fire
  • FocusonForests.org launched
  • Save Money and Support the WLT at the same time
Danjugan Island - Saved by the WLT

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Welcome to the World Land Trust eBulletin - a monthly (approximately) roundup of news from the WLT. The eBulletin is maintained by Pete - please email him if you have any comments or questions

Captive bred Harpy Eagles released in Belize
20th March 2003 marked the start of the first ever Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpja) re-introduction programme within Belize. Captively-bred by the Peregrine Fund, a pair of 6-month old Harpy Eagles were flown into Belize City, destined to be released into the wild later that day. Thought to be one of the world's most powerful birds of prey, the Harpy Eagle is considered to be nearly extinct in Central America. This new programme aims to re-instate a breeding population of Harpy Eagles within Belizean forests.
To find out more see

Guanaco being fed milk by a FPN volunteer

Patagonian Wildlife rescued from Fire
Following the WLT's dramatic news of a bushfire in the Patagonia reserve, we have received the following news of some dramatic animal rescues by the staff of Fundacion Patagonia Natural (FPN). A Dwarf mouse opposum, baby Guanaco (wild lama) and a Red-backed hawk were rescued and successfully returned to the reserve following the fire.
For the full story, including pictures see:

Focus on Forests launched
Last month Focus on Forests was officially launched with a 'virtual' bottle of champagne by Bill Oddie. Bill addressed a group of people that included pupils from Halesworth middle school, who had helped with the development of the web site. An enthusiastic bird watcher, Bill Oddie gave a humorous account of some of his rainforest adventures, including the perils of falling trees and dubious toilet facilities.
Since its launch, Focus on Forests has attracted users from the USA, Australia and India, as well as the UK.
The full press release of the launch is available at www.worldlandtrust.org/news/billoddie.htm
You can read Focus on Forests at

Save Money and Support WLT at the same timeSRBS logo
If you have a bit of money spare please consider putting it into the WLT Affinity Savings Account with the Stafford Railway Building Society. The Society gives a good rate of interest and pays a sum equal to 1% of the average yearly balance to WLT. If just 500 WLT supporters each invested £1,000 for a year, the SRBS would donate £5,000 to WLT - enough to save 200 acres of wilderness. And if the money remains untouched, the addition of interest would mean that 206 acres could be saved the following year, 213 the year after and so on. Quite simply, the more you invest the more the WLT gets to work with. At the same time your investment is earning interest and remains available for you to withdraw on demand.
Link to website: www.srbs.co.uk

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