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World Land TrusteBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin October 2008

World's first protected area for the Blue-throated Macaw

The Blue-throated Macaw is endemic to savannas in the Beni province of Bolivia. The entire known population of the species exists on private ranches which undergo yearly burning and heavy grazing by cattle. (Photo © Joe Tobias/Armonía)

The Bolivian conservation organization Asociación Armonía, with the support of American Bird Conservancy and World Land Trust-US, has created the world’s first protected area for the Blue-throated Macaw, a critically endangered species with a population estimated at just 300 birds.

In the face of increasing pressures to intensify agriculture in the region, there is an urgent need to expand the new 8,785 acre reserve, home for up to 70 Blue-throated Macaws, to conserve a viable population of this spectacular bird.

Get more information and support this vital project on the WLT-US website.

Endangered species may benefit from credit crunch

Despite the slowing economy the World Land Trust has seen a rise in donations of 26% this year. The credit crunch may in fact have a positive effect on efforts to save endangered species: Land prices may go down, making donations go further. Read our press release Credit Crunch Proves Bitter Sweet for the World Land Trust for more information.

Unlike money, we cannot just borrow more wilderness; once it's gone it's gone - there is no way of bailing out rainforests!

Save acres as a Christmas gift here

To buy Rainforest and Wilderness Gift Acres for friends and loved ones for Christmas, make your donation online or over the phone (during British office hours): +44 (0)1986 874 422. See website for last donation dates for delivery in time for Christmas. Gift Packages, including personalised certificates (printed or pdf), are available for a minimum donation of £25, which saves 2,000 square metres (half an acre).

Carbon offset your Christmas to help restore degraded wildlife habitats

Carbon Balanced

2008 has seen 410,500 trees planted in Ecuador, Brazil and Paraguay, restoring some 410 hectares of degraded habitat and in Mexico, an additional 58 hectares have been purchased, protected and restored, thanks to World Land Trust's carbon offsetting and tree-planting initiatives.

You can contribute to this important restoration work: WLT has calculated that the average UK family could carbon balance its Christmas for a mere £6.00.

We should of course all be doing what we can to reduce the emissions we are responsible for. If you have any nifty ideas on greening your life - especially around Christmas, please let us know and we will feature the most interesting suggestions in the next eBulletin.

Learn more about our recent habitat restoration activities: Carbon offsetting and tree planting restores over 460 ha of degraded habitat

News in brief

Electronic and traditional Christmas cards from WLT

Many of our supporters no longer send paper Christmas cards, preferring to make a donation on behalf of their friends and family, in lieu of sending cards, or else use our electronic cards to send their seasonal greetings. A large number of people do prefer to send traditional cards however, and if you fall into this category then we are sure that you’ll love our exclusive Christmas 2008 cards:

Order Christmas cards here

Winter Thrushes, painted by acclaimed wildlife artist, Andrew Haslen. His Snowy Hare design from last year is also available. Andrew specialises in drawing British wildlife and has been running the Wildlife Gallery in Lavenham, Suffolk for many years.

Sleeping Leopard, by Oenone Hammersley. Oenone specialises in painting rainforests and wildlife and has recently self-published a Children’s book called “A Wild and Wonderful Journey”.

US edition of eBulletin

Two issues of the new US edition of the WLT eBulletin have been sent out over the last few months. If you are a WLT-US supporter you should have received this automatically. To receive the US edition, subscribe at the WLT-US website. The subscriber lists for the two editions (UK and USA) are kept separate to enable you to subscribe to one or both editions, as you prefer.

Read previous issues of the US eBulletin online

WLT updates

Christmas reading list - book recommendations from WLT

Update on the Northern Chaco Biosphere Reserve (Paraguay)

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Around Paraguay without a fridge: Tony Hawks brings the Pantanal wetlands and Dry Chaco to London

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