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World Land Trust eBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin June 2008

Cover Story:
WLT to save Orang-utan habitat in Borneo

*** STOP PRESS: *** Two exiting new projects have just been approved by the WLT Trustees:

The first project will protect a priority location for the Bornean Orang-utan in east Malaysia. By creating corridors between existing wildlife sanctuaries, the aim is to reduce fragmentation of habitat for Orang-utans, Bornean Pygmy Elephants, Proboscis Monkeys and the Sumatran Rhinoceros.

The second will protect threatened grasslands in northern Bolivia. This project aims to create the first protected area for the endemic Blue-Throated Macaw, which has a total population of only 300 individuals remaining.

More information on these projects will be available on the WLT website soon.

New Land Saved in Brazil & Ecuador

Matumbo Gap

Brazil: Since the land purchase in the Matumbo Gap was reported (on p. 8 of WLT's Spring Newsletter) a further 4 properties have been secured by WLT Brazilian Project Partner REGUA. Through this land acquisition REGUA are protecting a crucial wildlife corridor, with the aim to purchase 320 hectares of land in this strategically important area.

The map shows the Três Picos National Park in blue, with existing REGUA-managed land in red, separated by the Matumbo Gap.

Ecuador: Fundación Ecominga has secured a further 400 hectares of land. This represents an exciting new purchase because the segment of the river that passes through the Cerro Candelaria Reserve will now be protected on both banks all the way to the river’s headwaters.

Symposium: Making Protected Areas Financially Sustainable

The primary aim of the World Land Trust is to raise funds for the purchase and protection of threatened land, but this raises the question: "What happens after the land has been bought?"

With each new reserve comes the challenge of how best to ensure its permanent protection and this issue was discussed at a recent symposium organised by the WLT and the IUCN National Committee for the Netherlands.

Bringing together NGO leaders from around the world, the symposium enabled in-depth discussion on the opportunities and pit-falls of potential income streams and participants were able to return home with information and inspiration on how to develop their conservation activities and protect the reserves.

Learn more: A Future for Wildlife Reserves: Symposium discusses financial sustainability of private protected areas »

The symposium featured in Belize TV »

News in brief

Recent events

Last week the Trust launched the new shared-management partnership in the Chaco, Paraguay. The launch took place at the annual Rose Garden Reception in Suffolk and was attended by WLT Patron Sir David Attenborough. This innovative partnership between the Paraguayan government, Guyra Paraguay and the WLT received media coverage in, amongst others, The Times, with an additional piece in the T2 supplement.

Last week comedian Tony Hawks hosted a charity event for the World Land Trust at the New Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth, Suffolk, entitled “Cowboys, Indians and Wildlife”.  He entertained a packed house with his anecdotes on life in general, and Paraguay in particular, and was joined by Alberto Yanosky, Director of Guyra Paraguay, and two Paraguayan musicians who played harp and guitar. The event was enjoyed by all and raised over £2,000 for the Paraguay project.

More information on these events will be available on the website soon.

Fundraising & Sponsors News

BIAZA Boom: £50,000 towards land purchase in Brazil from zoos in the UK

Walkers raise more than £3,700 for conservation

Expert on human origins donates Prize Money to WLT

Silver charm bracelet from Dower & Hall helps save tropical forests

The Incredible Hulk helps film fans go green with the World Land Trust

Tucan Travel promotes WLT's Carbon Balanced Programme

Comics anthology raises money for conservation

Explore photo galleries, podcasts and more on wildlifefocus.org

Several types of hummingbirds, Giant Armadillo and Asian Elephant are some of the species featured in the new photo gallery on wildlifefocus.org, which has also been updated with environment podcasts and a hummingbird identification guide. The webcam settings are being tweaked to improve the image quality – so do keep checking back.
Explore WLT's project areas on wildlifefocus.org »

Intern vacancy with the World Land Trust

There is currently a vacancy for a Projects Development Assistant (Web) to undertake a six-month internship with the WLT in Suffolk, UK. The deadline for applications is 31st July.

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