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World Land Trust eBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin February-March 2008

Cover Story:

Jaguar captured in broad day light

Do you see it? The jaguar is standing on the river edge, facing right. It has probably just been down to the water to drink.

Seeing jaguars in the wild isn't easy, and more difficult still to photograph the encounter. But, if you are very lucky it is occasionally possible to catch a glimpse of the big cat in the semi-open habitat of the Pantanal. And this is what the WLT's group of staff and supporters visiting the Chaco-Pantanal Reserve in Paraguay this week are hoping for.
Read more about jaguars in the Pantanal »

Also in this issue:

* New land purchases in Ecuador and Paraguay
* Birdwatching in Brazil at REGUA – report provides maps and advice
* Just Walk - and raise money for conservation
* WLT and WLT-US strengthen partnership
* News in brief

New land purchases in Ecuador and Paraguay

Yanacocha reserveIn the last issue of the eBulletin, we reported that our partners at Fundación EcoMinga had been able to snatch and save some land adjacent to the Río Candelaria reserve from right under the eyes of potential loggers.

This month saw another WLT  Ecuadorian Partner, Fundación Jocotoco, prevent a similar thing happening close to the Yanacocha Reserve (pictured). 

When funds are available WLT and its project partners are able to act immediately to prevent the destruction and to save tropical forests.

In Paraguay, WLT partner organisation Guyra Paraguay are managing to secure new areas of land to add to two of their reserves; 600 ha at San Rafael and 3,000 ha in the Dry Chaco.

Read more about these new land purchases »

Birdwatching in Brazil at REGUA – report provides maps and advice

Part of the REGUA mapLee Dingain and Rachel Walls, former volunteers for REGUA in Brazil, made a return visit last October. Their subsequent report provides excellent information on the Atlantic Rainforests, and staying at the Guapi Assu Bird Lodge, and includes a map of the wetlands which have been recreated and restored over recent years. This is a great resource for visitors to the area and gives an insight into the reserve's wildlife.

To learn more about visiting the REGUA reserve and the birds you are likely to, see their trip report.

Just Walk - and raise money for conservation

Just Walk

On 10th May 2008, walkers will be heading for the South Downs to take part in the second Just Walk charity fundraising event. If your New Year resolution was to spend more time out of doors why not join them and raise money for the World Land Trust?

One walker has signed up already and we would love to see more of our supporters taking part.

Read more about Just Walk and how you can take part as a WLT supporter »

WLT and WLT-US strengthen partnership

Mark Gruin, representing WLT recently attended a WLT-US board meeting, in New Hampshire. It seems that the worst ice storm of the season, and a long back-country road, provided an extreme bonding exercise for the group while planning the next year's work in the neotropics!

One of the topics for discussion was how to expand the offsetting of carbon in the US by increasing collaboration across the Atlantic. In the UK, World Land Trust is a leader in voluntary carbon sequestration, especially in the relatively new but sensible strategy of avoided deforestation, but the US is trailing way behind in its commitment to carbon reduction.

One of the benefits of the partnership has been that both organisations have been able to benefit from the Wilson Challenge Fund for land acquisition at the American Bird Conservancy. This fund has provided a 3:1 match for funds raised to make important acquisitions in Ecuador and Brazil.

News in brief

Vacancies at the WLT office in Suffolk, UK

Operating Officer (full-time position)
Projects Development Assistant (Web) (full-time, six month internship)

Sir David Attenborough writes about WLT in the Guardian newspaper

Buying land can save the world's wilderness areas

Press release: WLT criticises carbon kite mark

WLT joins criticism of Government Carbon Kite Mark

Ecuador webcam featured on Sky News

Rainforest On Your PC

Projects partners news:

Magellanic Penguins Rescued by FPN, off coast of Patagonia

Paraguay's first Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site – right on the capital's doorstep!

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