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World Land Trust eBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin January 2008

Cover Story:

Sir David Attenborough launches WLT's wildlife webcam

Remember the bat photos from the last eBulletin? Well these are the hummingbirds that frequent the feeders during the day. Sir David Attenborough, on behalf of WLT and sponsors Puro Coffee, has just launched a high quality live webcam at Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador, enabling you to see these fantastic birds live, from the comfort of your own home. At the launch, Sir David was also presented with the naming rights of a new tree species discovered in the newly purchased reserve of Candalaria.
Read more about the Webcam in the Forest project »
Visit our new multimedia site, WildlifeFocus.org »

Also in this issue:

* Forest destined for logging saved!
* Seduce your Valentine with Rainforest and Chocolate this year!
* Getting Married? Use GiveIt's The Alternative Wedding List
* News in brief

Forest destined for logging saved!

Cerro CandelariaLou Jost of Fundación Ecominga, one of WLT's partner organisations in Ecuador was recently able to snatch and save an area of land adjacent to the Cerro Candelaria Reserve (pictured) from right under the noses of loggers. In an email from Lou, he says: "The timing couldn't have been better as the sale of the property next to ours had just been agreed [...] it was to be sold to loggers. But as no paperwork had been signed and no money had changed hands, it meant we were able to move quickly and agree the deal. I sent our workers to track down the owner and convince him to sell to us instead of the loggers."

This is fantastic news and shows just how quickly it is possible for WLT and its in-country partners to act, to secure the protection of land when the opportunity arises - provided funds are available: This particular purchase was made possible thanks to a donation to WLT from PriceWaterhouseCooper.

Read more: Forest saved! Land destined for logging saved by corporate donation »

Seduce your Valentine with Rainforest and Chocolate this year!

Valentine Gift certificatesInstead of a red rose that has probably been grown thousands of miles away and will wilt within days, why not present your Valentine with a gift of lush, tropical rainforest to enjoy at home?  And while dreaming of steamy forests, hummingbirds and orchids your Valentine can curl up with a big bar of Fairtrade chocolate safe in the knowledge that the ecological footprint is negligible.

New sponsors, Brand Stand Ltd., who are launching a new Organic Meltdown chocolate, are providing the chocolate for our special Valentines day offer and, following the launch, they will be making donations to enable WLT to purchase and protect One Tree for One Bar of chocolate sold. Chocolate will be sent with Valentines Day certificates for donations of £25 or more – please ensure you specify that this is a Valentines Day donation.  (This offer applies to UK only.)

Full details will be available on the website next week, but you can make your Valentine’s Gift donations now, and as chocolate bars are limited we would encourage you to order immediately.

Make a Valentine's Gift donation here »

Getting Married? Use GiveIt's The Alternative Wedding List

Giveit.co.ukWhile on the subject of romance, can we remind you that WLT is featured on GiveIt's The Alternative Wedding List.This is the UK’s first online charitable gift list service to provide a great selection of gifts to a selection of well-known registered charities, wrapped up like a traditional gift list. WLT is also featured on GiveIt's new Green Gift List, not just for weddings, but birthdays, christenings and any other occasion you can think of!

News in brief

STOP PRESS: Conservation Highlights from 2007

Look out for features on conservation project and fundraising event highlights of 2007. These items were not ready in time for the eBulletin, but will soon appear on our projects news updates and sponsors and fundraising news pages respectively.

Projects updates:

Rapid forest regeneration at Buenaventura
Trees planted at Buenaventura grow so quickly that after only a few years growth they are too big to photograph!

New Village Reserve Declared for India's Elephants
Threatened Asian elephants in north-east India are now being protected by the newly declared Siju-Aretika Village Reserve.

Fundraising news:

The Biggest Twitch: Birdwatching for the rainforest
Alan Davies and Ruth Miller will spend this year travelling around the world in a bid to set a new world record in birdwatching, raising funds to support the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF) in Ecuador, via the WLT.

Other news:

Safe Passage for Endangered Elephants: Karnataka Corridor given to Government

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