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World Land Trust eBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin Winter Issue 2007

Cover Story:

Bird feeders in Ecuador attract nightly visitors

We have received several stunning photos of bats taking advantage of nectar feeders put up to attract hummingbirds in Buenaventura Reserve.
See more bat photos »

Also in this issue:

* This Christmas... The gift that lasts forever
* Christmas greetings - with or without paper!
* Ecuador: New Frog Discovered in Buenaventura
* Saving Paraguayan landscapes - with your help
* News in brief

Save Acres of Rainforest for Christmas

There’s still time to buy Rainforest and Wilderness Gift Acres for friends and loved ones for Christmas, but time is running out. If you wish we can email you a pdf certificate, which you can give your recipient in case the printed certificate doesn't get to you in time. (Please specify in the "extra requirements" box when donating online.)

Gift pack: Greeting card, Certificate of Appreciation, a copy of or newsletter and a project brief

Gift Packages, including personalised certificates, are available for a minimum donation of £25 ($50) which saves half an acre or 2,000 square metres, depending on whether you’re an Imperial or Metric person. You can make your donation online to WLT or WLT-US or over the phone (during normal office hours): +44 (0)1986 874 422

If you would like to make a smaller contribution, you can't go wrong with a stocking filler from Let's Buy the Rainforest, which offers the biggest little gift you'll give this Christmas: A pin representing the purchase of 1,000 square feet of rainforest, for only £2. Order your Christmas pins here »

Christmas greetings - with or without paper!

WLT's Christmas cards  have been really popular this year so please order now as stocks are getting low.

WLT's Wildlife eCards, is a great paper-less alternative and if you would like animated ecards with traditional themes and fantastic soundtracks, get them from WLT sponsors TelltalEcards.

Your own photomovie made from your digital photographs is the ultimate personal greeting, and with WLT sponsors MyElephantBites you can do just that - and save both paper and habitats! MyElephantBites will donate to WLT a percentage of each photomovie sold during the Christmas 2007 campaign, with the goal of saving 1,000 acres of tropical forest.

Projects News:

Ecuador: New Frog Discovered in Buenaventura
Cochranella buenaventura sp. nov.

A new species of glassfrog has been discovered in Fundación Jocotoco's Buenaventura reserve. Cochranella buenaventura sp. nov. occurs in Seasonal Foothill Evergreen forests.
Learn more about the new glassfrog discovery »

Saving Paraguayan landscapes - with your help
San Rafael Reserve

This year sees the 10th anniversary of WLT's partners Guyra Paraguay. The partnership began in 2005 with a legacy left by Sid Templer which enabled the creation of a 8,650 acre (3,600 ha) reserve in the Pantanal. Thanks to the generosity of individual supporters since then the reserve is now almost 24,000 acres (10,000 ha). We are now actively fundraising for three reserves in Paraguay: The Chaco-Pantanal (wetland), San Rafael Reserve (Atlantic Forest), and a new reserve in the dry chaco. As with our other priority projects you can donate online, by telephone or by post.

The editor of the eBulletin, Helena Åkerlund, recently visited the Chaco-Pantanal reserve in Paraguay and came back with lots of praise for the work of Guyra Paraguay - as well as a small request. "Guyra is looking for funding for the local radio station in the Pantanal and to build a small, simple lodge for staff to stay in whilst working at the reserve and in the community ", she explains. This is your chance to contribute directly to a local initiative in an extremely isolated part of Paraguay: Please support Guyra Paraguay's community work in the Pantanal »

News in brief

Get conservation news quicker!

World Land Trust is heading towards yet another record year, with several new projects in the pipeline and many new corporate sponsors wanting to help. Invariably we cannot feature everything in the eBulletin, so for up-to-the-minute news, subscribe to one or several of our news feeds and get the latest updates delivered directly to your desktop.

Projects updates:

Tree planting underway at Buenaventura »
A site visit to Tinunelli-Kudrakote Elephant Corridor, Kerala »
Second Jaguar photographed in Mexico »
Re-released curassows are doing well in the wild at REGUA »

Sponsors news

Conservation Fines – we like the idea! »
When Bovis Lend Lease UK told us they were going to impose fines on delegates at an upcoming conference to raise funds for WLT we didn’t raise our hopes too high.  But after the event we found that Project Director, Chris Howcroft, who acted as Sergeant in Arms had different ideas.  Delegates were fined for arriving late, not turning off their mobile phones and, in one case, for wearing the wrong tie! The £2,225 raised from the fines was matched by Bovis Lend Lease.  Many thanks for this wonderful donation of £4,500.

Buy palm oil free soap from Longcroft Soap and support WLT »

Recent fundraising activities

Acoustic gig in Norwich raises money for Paraguay expedition »
Race for Conservation: Michelle Turner runs triathlon for WLT »
Rainforest Canopy a winner for World Land Trust »
Children of Foolow save rainforest with well dressing »

Other news:

New website helps consumers identify ethical businesses »
Since 2005, World Land Trust has supported the development of the SEE Companies initiative. Participating businesses are required to answer a questionnaire on Social, Environmental and Ethical (SEE) topic areas. Companies' responses are published for public scrutiny and monitoring on the SEE Companies website.

Recent columns by Simon Barnes about World Land Trust:
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Reverence in a green cathedral »
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