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World Land Trust eBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin issue 49, September 2007

In this issue:

* Ecuador: Red-Listed Parakeets find refuge in Tapichalaca Reserve
* Ecuador: Endangered rodents order 'Take-away' in Tapichalaca
* Brazil: REGUA Volunteers report on their time in the Atlantic forest
* Ecuador: Spectacled Bears habitat secured
* News in brief

Ecuador: Red-Listed Parakeets find refuge in Tapichalaca Reserve

Two Parakeets in flight

The Golden-plumed Parakeet is classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN and numbers may be as low as 400 birds. These parakeets were photographed on the border of the Christopher Parsons sector of FJ's Tapichalaca Reserve. Deforestation outside protected areas means the future of these parakeets is bleak.
Read more about the Golden-plumed Parakeets »

Ecuador: Endangered rodents order 'Take-away' in Tapichalaca

Agouti helping itself to food

A family group of wild Mountain Agoutis decided to visit the lodge at Tapichalaca recently, where they were fed a few tasty morsels by a park ranger before wandering off back into their rainforest retreat. The Mountain Agouti has rarely been photographed in the wild and this may even be the first photograph for Ecuador. Get more photos and information on the Mountain Agoutis in Tapichalaca »

Brazil: REGUA Volunteers report on their time in the Atlantic forest

Lee Dingain and his partner Rachel Walls spent three months in the Atlantic forest as volunteers where, as well as working hard, they spotted many endemic bird species, including Mantled Hawk, Spot-winged Wood-Quail, Blue-bellied Parrot and Bare-throated Bellbird.

During their time there they produced promotional materials for the Lodge, patrolled the reserve with the rangers, did guided tours for guests and built a new website. And in between all that Lee managed to keep detailed records of all the birds he saw, resulting in the production of a wonderful manual to the Atlantic Forest covering everything from general information such as the climate, travelling around, and costs of everything to detailed information about staying at the REGUA Lodge. View Lee's report, containing images and a comprehensive bird list »

Ecuador: Spectacled Bears habitat secured

Spectacled Bear spotted in a treeLou Jost of new WLT Partners Ecominga in Ecuador, recently sent this photograph which he took himself close to his home on the foothills of the Tungurahua volcano. This Spectacled Bear lives safely in the vicinity of a private reserve set up by the owners of the Luna Runtun hotel. The owners are very conservation-minded came to the rescue when the forest was for sale and loggers started showing an interest in buying it. The reserve, now named the San Antonio Cloud Forest Reserve, is close to the Cerro Candelaria Reserve being funded by World Land Trust, working with the Ecominga Foundation.

News in brief

STOP PRESS: New frog species in Ecuador

New species of glassfrog discovered in Buenaventura reserve, Ecuador - More information in next issue.

Brazil: Woolly Spider Monkeys seen in REGUA

Sightings of the critically endangered Woolly Spider Monkey, also known as the Muriqui, have been recorded on the 6,500 ha Reserva Ecological de Guapi Assu (REGUA) in Brazil. Read more about the muriqui sightings »

Trunks meet trunks in the park to save Asian elephants

Yesterday saw the culmination of "Trunks meet Trunks", a series of family activities in Hyde Park, London, organised by Elephant Family to raise awareness of the threats to the Asian Elephant. For the last two weeks, life size elephants made out of willow have been 'wandering' through the park, highlighting the shrinking habitats of their majestic real-life counterparts and a charity auction taking place last night raised funds for WLT's elephant corridor project protecting some of this important land. Visit Trunks meet Trunks to learn more and see images of the elephants.

WLT at The British Birdwatching Fair in August

This year we were joined by representatives from Guyra Paraguay, Fundación Jocotoco, and REGUA. All reported huge interest in their work and are expecting increased numbers of visitors to their reserves as a result.

Last year, the WLT stand focussed on our Carbon-Balanced programme, and as a direct result of that the organisers of the BirdFair have asked the WLT to help them make the event greener next year. Read more on the BirdFair website »

As usual, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all the staff and, they were delighted to meet so many supporters. If you have never been to a BirdFair, do try and visit it next year, even in the rain, it's a wonderful day out, and a good opportunity to meet some of the WLT Staff.

Power of the Pedal!

On the 22nd September 2007, Alice Holden, Jonathan Smith and Kate Aldridge will set off on an epic journey cycling from Lands End heading North East for John O’Groats to draw attention to the impacts of climate change and to encourage more people to get involved in sustainable farming.

The riders have chosen the WLT as one of their four charities which people can donate to, while they embark on this journey from one end of the UK to the other. For more information on the ride and how to donate visit the Power to the Pedal website »

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