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World Land Trust eBulletin - Conservation News

World Land Trust eBulletin Summer Issue 2007

In this issue:

* Paraguay: Otter spotting in the Pantanal, where the Three Giants Lodge is becoming a reality
* Brazil: Competition winner enjoys her stay in the Atlantic rainforest
* Ecuador: New land purchases and wildlife photos
* What is Cool Earth, if not what World Land Trust has been doing for nearly two decades?
* News in brief
* There's something in the wood shed! (Garden Wildlife Conservation)

Paraguay: Otter spotting in the Pantanal...

Two curious Giant Otters

Two members of the Giant Otter family living in front of the biological station in Guyra Paraguay's Pantanal Reserve. These curious animals visit every morning to see what's going on. Read more about the giant otters »

...where the Three Giants Lodge is becoming a reality

The Three Giants Lodge in the Pantanal Reserve is so named because of the three endangered 'giants' found in the reserve area: Giant Otter, Giant Anteater and Giant Armadillo. Funded largely by WLT Council Member, Kevin Cox, the lodge construction is overseen by WLT partners Guyra Paraguay.

Read more: Progress of the Three Giants Lodge »

Brazil: Competition winner enjoys her stay in the Atlantic rainforest

View from the lodge

Annaliese Martindale was the lucky winner of the Brazil Holiday Promotion competition back in September last year. She, and her fellow traveller, Clare Everleigh, have recently returned from their holiday and had a wonderful and inspiring time at the REGUA lodge.

Read more: Message from holiday winner Annaliese »

Ecuador: New land purchases...

New land has been purchased to expand the Jocotoco Foundation's Yanacocha and Buenaventura reserves in Ecuador. At Yanacocha an education centre will be established on the new land and there are also plans to bring electricity to the reserve and, on the way, to the Yanacocha indigenous community.

The land at Buenaventura was obtained with funds raised by WLT and WLT-US with leverage by the Wilson Challenge Fund of American Bird Conservancy, with the land owner himself, Sr. Carrión, making a contribution of $5,000 back to the Jocotoco Foundation.

...and wildlife photos

Jaguar in EcuadorCamera traps have been put up in the Ecuador reserves to film wildlife as they go about their business undisturbed. These cameras, equipped with infrared triggers, not only photograph wildlife which has not been seen by humans, but also provides invaluable information on the wildlife and their preferred habitats. (The jaguar above was photographed in the Canandé reserve.)

Read more: Caught on camera in Ecuador »

What is Cool Earth, if not what World Land Trust has been doing for nearly two decades?

Cool Earth was launched with acclaim recently and this has sent quite a few of our supporters into shock, that this could be considered a 'new idea'. This extract from a long time supporter's email sums up how most of you have been responding:

“We were very surprised to read Frank Field introducing Cool Earth as if the idea of investing in rainforests was a novelty. No mention of the WLT's having been doing this for nearly 20 years. I keep feeling bothered and irritated at the number of new charities which spring up with, so far as I can see, just the same aims as those that already exist. Wouldn't it be more sensible & economical to back an existing successful charity than start a new one? Anyway, be sure that we'll stick with the WLT!”

For more on the WLT's response to Cool Earth's launch, go to John Burton's blog about the Cool Earth initiative.

News in brief

Allied Irish Bank "Adds more green" by supporting WLT »
The Allied Irish Bank (AIB) has promised to donate at least €500,000 to conservation projects at home and abroad through a new "Add More Green Fund".

Work at the World Land Trust: New vacancies »
There are two vacancies at the WLT office in Suffolk, UK.

World Land Trust on Facebook.com »
Join the new World Land Trust Facebook group and discuss environment related topics with WLT staff and other supporters.

Mongoose spotted in elephant corridor »
Stripe-necked Mongoose photographed in the elephant corridor in India.

WLT Supporters awarded 'Lender of the Year' for 4th year running »
Stafford Railway Building Society has been awarded the "Lender of the Year" accolade by What Mortgage? magazine four times.

News from around the world

Saving Planet Earth »
BBC TV's Saving Planet Earth, which was broadcast in June, aimed for a wide audience with the inclusion of celebrity presenters. The episodes can be watched again on the Saving Planet Earth website, and BBC is now focussing on raising funds for endangered species through the new BBC Wildlife Fund, which has WLT's John Burton as one of its trustees.

Five Sloth Bear Cubs walk back to wilderness »
(Wildlife Trust of India)

WildPhotos: Exploring the power of nature photography »
Find out how to take, improve, publish, earn a living from, and make a difference with nature photographs at WildPhotos 2007. Register now at WildPhotos.

There's something in the wood shed! (Garden Wildlife Conservation)

Lesser Horseshoe Bats

WLT Trustee, Nigel Simpson, is best known to supporters for his work in helping establish Fundación Jocotoco, in Ecuador. However, closer to home he also protects a colony of Lesser horseshoe bats (Rhinolophus hipposideros) which have found refuge in his garden shed.

There are 17 species of bats in Great Britain and in all cases their numbers have plummeted, mainly due to roost site disturbance and agricultural insecticides (which kill their prey). The bats and their roost sites are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

We can all practice wildlife conservation on a small scale by making our gardens as wildlife friendly as possible. Is your garden a wildlife haven? Send us your photos and we will include a selection in future eBulletins.

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