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The World Land Trust eBulletin Issue 19, June 2004

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In this issue:
Ecuador Update: Habitat of Endangered Parrot Protected...
... and Size of Ecuador Reserves Double in Three Years
Orchid Display by Enterprise Plants Save Rainforest in Ecuador...
... and so does Rainforest Day at Holbury Junior School
Conservation & Project Administration - Course Details Now Available
WLT Supporter Survey - and a Chance for You to Get Involved

Ecuador Update: Habitat of Endangered Parrot Protected... 

Land purchase by WLT partner organisation helps safeguard the future of the El Oro Parakeet.
El Oro Parakeets (Pyrrhura orcesi)
The future of the endangered El Oro Parakeet is now more secure, thanks to WLT partner organisation the Jocotoco Foundation.

The El Oro Parakeet (Pyrrhura orcesi), first discovered in the 1980s, is found only in a small area of the Andes in southern Ecuador, where the forest of one of its main breeding and feeding areas has already been cleared for cattle pasture. However, the Jocotoco Foundation, with financial support from the World Land Trust has been able to buy this area of pasture, as a major step in safeguarding the future of the parakeet.

The pasture is surrounded by the Buenaventura Reserve, which is already owned by the Jocotoco Foundation, and according to Dr Nigel Simpson, founder of the Jocotoco Foundation and WLT trustee, “This latest purchase makes the future of this endangered species considerably more secure. It’s not totally safe, as its population is so small, but we hope numbers will increase as the forest regenerates”.

While there is so much forest being lost worldwide, it may seem inconsequential buying 100 acres here, a 1000 acres there, but if the land is carefully selected, it can make the difference between the survival of a species and its extinction.

Read the full press release: Habitat of endangered parrot saved

... and Size of Ecuador Reserves Double in Three Years

The Jocotoco Foundation's reserves now cover nearly 18,000 acres.

Many small donations saving a few acres each really can make a huge difference, as proved by the fact that the Jocotoco Foundation's reserves have doubled in size over the last three years. In 2001 the area covered was less than 10,000 acres, but this has increased to nearly 18,000 acres in 2004. That's an area more than 20 times larger than London's Hampstead Heath, or New York City's Central Park!

Read more about WLT's project in Ecuador

Orchid Display by Enterprise Plants Saves Rainforest in Ecuador...

Rainforest orchid planter.
For each of these orchid planters supplied, WLT sponsor Enterprise Plants will save one acre of Ecuador's rainforest.
WLT sponsor saves one acre of rainforest for each orchid planter supplied to its clients.

Enterprise Plants, a UK company supplying horticultural service to businesses and a WLT sponsor, recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary. As part of the celebrations, Enterprise Plants launched a new incentive for clients wishing to save money - and rainforest. Instead of fresh flowers, Enterprise Plant offers to supply and maintain clients with a luxurious rainforest orchid planter. The orchids, although true rainforest flowers, are grown especially in Holland and are non-endangered species. For each orchid planter supplied, Enterprise Plants will donate £25 to the World Land Trust to protect an acre of Ecuador's rainforest. The goal, according to Director Chris Jenkin, is to raise £10,000 over the next couple of years - enough to save 400 acres of rainforest!

If you work for, or know of a company in the UK that would be interested in a rainforest orchid display, you can contact Enterprise Plants on tel. 020 8502 6622.

... and so does Rainforest Day at Holbury Junior School

Emma Baser and Dominic Lange
Teacher Emma Baser with Dominic Lange, who initiated a rainforest fundraising project at Holbury Junior School.
Holbury Junior School is the latest addition to the WLT Hall of Fame, for saving over 40 acres of rainforest.

As well as corporate sponsors such as Enterprise Plants above, there are a large number of schools sponsoring the Trust in many imaginative ways. The WLT Fundraising Hall of Fame gives recognition to schools and youth groups that have helped save rainforest and other wilderness by raising money for the Trust. The latest addition to the Hall of Fame is Holbury Junior School, Southampton, where pupil Dominic Lange engaged the whole of year 6 in a grand fundraising project.  The school held a Rainforest Day and managed to raise enough money to save an amazing 42 acres of rainforest!

All schools are encouraged to write to the WLT about activities undertaken to raise funds for the Trust, for featuring in the Hall of Fame. Small or large amounts, single donations or several, what matters is that you have fun - and hopefully learn something about rainforests and conservation in the process.

Visit the WLT Fundraising Hall of Fame

Conservation & Project Administration - Course Details Now Available

Full details about this new diploma course can now be found on the University of East Anglia's website.

In issue 19 of the eBulletin (March 2004) we wrote about a new diploma course in conservation, developed by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the WLT. Designed to equip the ‘conservationists of tomorrow', the course is planned to start this autumn, and full details are now available on the UEA website:

Conservation & Project Administration Diploma - full course details

WLT Supporter Survey - and a Chance for You to Get Involved

Answer a few questions and help the World Land Trust protect more threatened wilderness.

For a while now, we have have provided a simple supporter survey on the Trust's website. By completing this brief questionnaire you can help us target our fundraising efforts more effectively, so if you have not yet completed the survey, please could you take a minute to do so. To make it extra simple, I will send a copy of the questionnaire after this eBulletin issue, in a plain format email that can be emailed back (we felt an attachment would have been inappropriate due to the recent virus scares). Alternatively, just use the link below to access the survey page on the Trust's website. Responses will be accepted until the end of July and the results will then be published on the WLT website.

Complete the WLT Supporter Survey online


Become an Internet Volunteer 

The World Land Trust is looking to recruit "Internet fluent" volunteers, to do simple web research from their own computers, once a month or less frequently. If you are interested in helping the Trust in this way, please email Helena on .

And Finally...

Thank you, and best of luck for the future to Emma Flaxman who has now completed her six month internship with the Trust. Good luck also to Communications Manager Claire Millard, who is now on maternity leave. The baby is due July 10th. In her absence Anne Clifford will be carrying out Claire's job.

The eBulletin (or rather its editor) is taking a short summer break and will be back in August. Until then, take care.

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