January 2017

World Land Trust's landmarks of 2016

World Land Trust 2016 Review

This year World Land Trust and its conservation partners have secured 49,835 acres (20,168 hectares) of threatened habitat in 10 countries all over the world; planted 11,125 trees in 4 countries and supported the work of 33 rangers in 14 countries through Keepers of the Wild.

Looking back at what we have achieved with our partners this year, one thing is certain: we could not have done any of it without you. Thank you from everyone at World Land Trust.

Take a look at 10 of WLT's biggest achievements in 2016 »

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Syrian Brown Bear. © FPWC.
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Ecuadorian Tapaculo. © Claudia Hermes.
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Geoffroy's Spider Monkey. © Herbert Haylock, PfB.
Dung Beetle. © Nicholas Locke.
WLT Alliance members. © WLT.
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Motacu Palm forest islands, Bolivia. © Martin de Oliva-Maya.
Forest islands restored for Blue-throated macaws in Bolivia
Cope's Vine Snake (Oxybelis brevirostris) in Fundación Jocotoco’s Buenaventura reserve. © Tropical Herping.
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