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World Land Trust eBulletin number 1 - 1st August 2002
  • New Bulletin Started 1/8/02
  • Ecuador Update
  • Uganda News
  • New Staff member joins WLT
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Danjugan Island
Danjugan Island - saved by the WLT
Welcome to the World Land Trust eBulletin. 

In response to requests from supporters for regular news updates we have created the eBulletin. The aim of this eBulletin is to keep you up to date with news and information in between publication of our paper based newsletter (WLT News). This eBulletin also features links to new sections on our website, and to other sites on the net relating to conservation and the natural world.

Ecuador Update 

In Ecuador the World Land Trust supports the Fundación Jocotoco in establishing a series of protected areas to save threatened tropical forests and their wildlife.
Researchers have been studying several endangered species, including the Pale-headed Brushfinch, El Oro Parakeet and Black-breasted Puffleg. These critically endangered species rely on the reserves for their survival. Monitoring projects include radio tagging, and the construction of humming-bird feeders. The international directory of endangered species - called the Red Data Books list 112 plants that occur within the Cerro Tapichalaca reserve, 66 of which are orchids.
At the Utuana reserve a guard has been employed, and, following a photo trip a page has been added to the Fundación Jocotoco website.
Scouting trips by FJ representatives have identified areas for possible purchase in the future, including areas on the Ecuador/Peru border. Following the signing of a peace agreement between the governments of Peru and Ecuador in October 1998, Bosques San Fronteras (Forest without Frontiers) has paved the way for cooperative conservation in the region. Fundación Jocotoco Homepage


The World Land Trust’s Chief Executive, John Burton, recently made two visits to Uganda, under a consultancy to USAID. The objective was assist Uganda Ecotrust in establishing a Land Trust Programme. With land prices in some areas as low as $12.50 an acre, acquiring land for conservation is an attractive proposition, particularly since Nature Uganda (the government department for national parks and reserves) is already stretched to its limits. Ecotrust Uganda has a well-funded infrastructure, which means that any funds raised for land acquisition can be managed with very low overheads.

Agriculture is encrouching on forest all over Uganda. These photos were taken in north west Uganda where Ecotrust is helping a community forest project.

Uganda is home to Africa’s longest bird list, including many regional endemics, and has healthy populations of Mountain Gorillas, as well as a string of wonderful national parks. Unfortunately the latter do not contain many of the important species found in Uganda. As a result of his work in Uganda, John Burton is hoping to develop a memorandum of Understanding with Ecotrust Uganda, in order to assist with land acquisition.

New Staff Member 

From July the WLT will have a new staff member working at the Suffolk office. Peter Taylor is joining the team for six months, working on developing a new educational website funded by DFID about Forestry Management. Peter will also be working on the WLT website, and will be editing the email bulletin. Peter has a background in Zoology, and previous internet projects include a website about art in Liverpool where he studied for his degree.


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