WLT Position Statements

Biofuel and Nature Conservation

World Land Trust believes that the current rush into biofuel production is misguided – it is a risky and ineffective strategy for reducing CO2 levels and it is destroying natural habitats rich in biodiversity.

Climate Change and Nature Conservation: What World Land Trust is doing

As a charity concerned with nature conservation, World Land Trust has developed a two-pronged approach: regenerating and protecting forest land to remove carbon dioxide and creating, where we can, wildlife refuges that can accommodate climate change.

Goats and Goat Giving

Goats are almost universally accepted by conservationists as being one of the main causes of environmental degradation in fragile habitats. Therefore, when they occur in those habitats, making the public aware of these issues is clearly an important part of WLT’s mission.

Land Purchase as a Tool for Conservation

The Trust does not own or directly manage any of the areas it helps save outside of the UK. The land is always purchased, protected and managed by local partner organisations.

Project Selection Criteria

When selecting projects, a number of specific criteria are evaluated to ensure that the project falls within WLT’s mission and to ensure that the project is likely to succeed in its aims.

Quality Management (Carbon Offset and Tree Planting Programmes)

In its trading activities, WLT is committed to providing high quality, scientifically robust and transparent carbon offset and tree planting programmes for corporate supporters.

Scientific Collecting on WLT Funded Reserves

WLT’s policy on the scientific collection of biodiversity specimens on reserves funded by the Trust. Programme partners who have signed up to this policy are listed on the policy page.

See also our Frequently Asked Questions section, which details the Trust’s position on sending volunteers abroad, financial transparency and more.

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