Nick Hollis

Nick Hollis

From successful businessman to Seven Summits mountaineer, Nick has had to master the intricacies of survival and success.

Nick’s business background started with 15 years spent in senior management, handling multi-billion-dollar revenues. He currently runs Fitways Adventures, a highly respected outdoor training and expedition company, leading expeditions as far away as Eastern Nepal and the Amazon Rainforest.

From the corporate world to the snowy mountain slopes Nick has witnessed not only success, but also the great risk associated with the pursuit of ambitious goals. Summiting Everest he experienced snow blindness and failing oxygen systems in the death zone, and encountered the unfortunate deaths of inexperienced climbers. He explains how practicing detailed preparation and managing calculated risk are the reasons he is still here today.

As well as achieving the Seven Summits Nick has skied solo to the South Pole, completed the Ironman 2 times and rowed the Atlantic. Nick is currently planning to ski solo to the North Pole as part of his 721 Challenge Guinness World Record attempt. He also works training athletes to world standard and is a triathlon coach, qualified nutritionist, public speaker, and a specialist personal trainer.

Despite his long list of achievements, Nick feels that he is not an extraordinary person, but a person with extraordinary goals.