There are a number of carbon offsetting schemes which include verification by external auditors. Projects that follow these schemes produce verified offsets (credits), which are more expensive due to the large amount of additional reporting and auditing required.

WLT’s self-certified projects are based on best practice schemes but without the external third-party verification. This allows for a greater proportion of funds to go directly to project implementation on the ground. By choosing our best practice offsets, you’ll save more land, save more species, and amplify your positive impact on the planet.

If your business does require these external verification standards, we can also offer verified credits in third-party projects. These will bring your carbon neutral claim in line with the PAS2060 Specification, the only internationally recognised standard for carbon neutrality which also verifies your carbon neutral status.


If you’re not quite ready to become fully carbon neutral, you can begin taking positive environmental action by offsetting part of your operational footprint. You can then state you’re working towards carbon neutrality, and therefore net zero also.
Another alternative is making a particular product or service carbon neutral. To do this, you’ll need to produce a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for the product/service, reduce the emissions associated with the life cycle as much as possible, and then offset the unavoidable emissions.

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