Changing the balance of power, move over big donors, the kids are in town.

Children are desperately concerned about the planet and it’s future, they are bombarded with messages that time is running out and they want to help in a fun way making a difference at a grass roots level, they are happy to donate pocket money, use their creativity and passion to show their family, friends, pets, community and the planet (penguins, elephants and bugs in particular) how much they care and hence the Patchwork Rainforest was born.


The Patchwork Rainforest brings people together to help the wild world

Pick a square to fill in, pay £1 and get creative – doodle your name or design or fill in with your favourite colour. When all 100 squares are filled, World Land Trust can buy and protect an acre of rainforest or other endangered habitat.

Download Poster

If you’re still not sure how to fill in your poster, take a look at the video below for some ideas!



Patchwork Rainforest

Small change, big difference

Thank you for saving threatened habitats with the Patchwork Rainforest project.

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Thank You!