Team Aqua

Team Aqua, a professional sailing team who compete internationally at a top level, have committed to doing their bit to promote ecological sustainability by hoisting World Land Trust sails.

The aim is to promote WLT’s conservation projects in destinations around the world as the team continues to strive and succeed in high profile competitions. The initiative was spearheaded by the owner of Team Aqua, Chris Bake, who has personally supported WLT for several years.

The Extreme 40 Catamaran displays WLT’s logo on the side of the boat and on its sails, with the hope that people will see the logo and be encouraged to find out more about the Trust and its work.


In addition to helping raise awareness of WLT’s work, Team Aqua have also ensured their sailing campaign is Carbon Balanced through WLT. Their boat is fuelled solely by the power of wind and sea, but there are still areas of their campaign that have impacts on the environment, such as the crew’s travel to and from the races and running the motor boat that follows the boat during the races.

“Team Aqua are passionate about sailing and we want to obtain good results; but our goal is also to promote ecological sustainability around the world and raise funds for World Land Trust.” Chris Bake, Team Aqua owner