Lifesaver Power

Lifesaver are a certified B-Corp on a mission to create fairer, cleaner & circular power for people and planet. Lifesaver sell and rent power banks across events and venues around the globe. A Lifesaver will charge your smartphone twice and is made of recycled materials, designed to be repairable and reusable.

Lifesaver was founded in 2018 to reduce battery waste through a hire & return model across live events & venues. Lifesaver has reached over 40,000 customers by sharing batteries in 11 countries at high profile events and venues including Formula 1, The Ryder Cup, Live Nation, Network Rail, The O2 & The Excel.

During the pandemic, Lifesaver has donated 1,455 power banks to 19 UK hospitals, supported the launch of the Fair Cobalt Alliance as one of just a few UK companies including Tesla, and partnered with Watford Workshop supporting adults with disabilities who package their products. The business also began supporting WLT’s Plant a Tree programme in 2020 through 10 per cent of online revenue.


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