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Tapir Apps has developed an Android calendar app aCalendar (free version) and aCalendar+ (paid version). Being particularly committed to helping protect tapir species and their habitats the company is donating 10 per cent of earnings for the purchase and protection of threatened tapir habitat.

Tapir Apps has already funded land purchase in Ecuador through Naturaleza y Cultura Ecuador (NCEcuador) and more recently donations have been directed to Naturaleza y Cultura Peru (NCPeru).  

Segunda y Cajas, the new reserve area in Peru, will protect forest on both the eastern and western slopes of the Andes, which includes the headwaters of the Quiroz River (Pacific basin) and the Huancabamba River (Amazon basin). The project in Peru involves supporting the recognition of three Private Conservation Areas in Piura, northern Peru to better protect cloud forest and páramo grassland between Santuario Nacional Tabaconas Namballe in Peru and Parque Nacional de Yacuri in Ecuador.

Both projects support populations of Mountain Tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) (as well as a wide range of other threatened species).

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