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The Fedrigoni name has been linked with paper-making in Italy as far back as 1717. Family descendants set up the first mill for industrial paper production in Verona in 1888. Today the Fedrigoni Group is a global business with distribution in over 110 countries worldwide. Renowned for the quality of their paper, commitment to research and progressive technologies, the Fedrigoni family continues to run the business today.  

Fedrigoni take their responsibility to sustainability and the environment very seriously.  This starts with raw materials, which they source exclusively from suppliers who practice responsible environmental policies, to their production facilities, and continues right through to the finished product and distribution.

The ecological certifications held by Fedrigoni demonstrate the Group’s attention to the environment and to the safety of both the product and the related production process, which takes the form of;

  • Acquiring fibrous raw materials from suppliers who practice sustainable forestry management, verified by their holding independent forestry certification and obtained from processes conducted without the use of any chlorine, in particular from cellulose classified as ECF;
  • Wherever the product’s quality specifications allow, using cellulose fibres of non-forestry origin that come from annual plants, such as cotton, hemp, kenaf, bamboo and linen, or from recycled fibres ;
  • Working in pH neutral environments, i.e. acid free conditions, comply with the requisites of the Long Life Standard ISO 9706; favoring the increasing use of mineral fillers and biodegradable additives with a natural origin; reducing, if not eliminating, the use of raw materials whose production generates significant environmental impacts;
  • Paper production is powered 100 per cent by methane and renewable sources (hydro-electric energy of which Fabriano is a net generator). Fedrigoni have three co-generation plants to optimise the use of energy.
  • Complying with legislation governing the use of colorants, the elimination of hazardous substances and the presence of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury etc.); Using subsidiary and process chemical substances and preparations that comply with the prescriptions introduced by R.E.A.C.H. regulation.

Fedrigoni has dedicated many years to expanding its range of environmental papers. Now through partnership with World Land Trust, they are able to offer Carbon Balanced Paper to individuals and companies who wish to offset their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions through the protection and restoration of carbon-rich wildlife habitats in the tropics. 

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