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Gifts that Help Save Rainforest

World Land Trust’s (WLT) corporate partners offer a range of useful gifts. The products below are beautiful, practical or just plain tasty! Purchasing them helps save rainforest because the companies listed below will make a donation from each sale to the World Land Trust to buy acres and save wildlife habitat.

Kevin Price books

Children's books
by Kevin Price

Kevin Price has written three books with funds going to WLT through sales. His first book, The Beauty Contest at the Zoo is a beautiful new children's picture book written in rhyme with fabulous illustrated by Vicky Fieldhouse. A story of Maisie's beauty competition for the zoo animals, this book also emphasises the need to protect species in the wild. His follow-up book, just published, Fun & Games at the Zoo is just as engaging and encourages children to take part in games organised by the animals. Crazy Creepy Crawlies is another favourite with children between 3 and 8 featuring a collection of short, rhyming verses about various small creatures, such as bees, wasps, spiders and a very hungry dung beetle. Beautifully illustrated by artist Robin Carter. WLT receives a donation from the sale of all three books and if you buy them from WLT the donation will be larger than if purchased through a retail shop or Amazon.

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Where to buy

Buy directly from the World Land Trust for our special offer price and raise more for WLT. Send a cheque made payable to WLT to the WLT office or contact us to place an order over the phone. All Kevin's books are also available in good bookshops and through Amazon but please note tht WLT will not receive as much by way of donation.

More details

Read more about Kevin Price on his KAMA Publishing website

Wild Earth Photography

Wildlife Photography
by Lesley Wood

Professional photographer, Lesley Wood, enjoys taking photographs close to home whether pets or weddings, but her real passion is for wildlife. She is an intrepid explorer as can be seen from her images on her website and an excursion into the tropical forests of Ecuador introduced her to the wonders of the startlingly coloured rainforest birds. She captured this Crimson-rumped Toucanet, early one morning while walking in Mindo Cloud Forest. She said: "The bird's emerald green plumage shone like a jewel in the forest", she said, hence the print's titled Jewel of the Forest; it is now available as a Limited Edition to purchase for WLT.

Limited edition available: Jewel of the Forest. A donation of £100 to WLT for every print sold.

Lesley is a popular exhibitor in the World Land Trust gallery and she is donating £100 for every limited edition print sold and Sir David Attenborough, a patron of the WLT, has sent a personal message of support.

Where to buy

Available from the World Land Trust gallery

More details

Visit Lesley's Wild Earth Photography website
Read about Lesley's supports for WLT

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets
from SHO Fine Jewellery

SHO fine jewellery have designed very popular friendship brackets featuring Elephants, Jaguar and other wildlife on WLT reserves, which sell at around £60. The Elephant Bracelets were designed to raise funds for the WLT India Elephant Corridor Appeal and the other designs include a donation to Buy an Acre projects.

Where to buy

Buy directly from the SHO Fine Jewellery website
or contact them on 0207 436 6443

More details

Read about SHO Fine Jewellery's support for WLT

Vegetarian & Gluten-free Foods

Vegetarian & Gluten-free Foods
from Goodlife

Wanting to produce a vegetarian/gluten free feast at Christmas?

Goodlife have been making delicious meat-free and dairy free products for over twenty years using the best ingredients and freezing them immediately to lock in their goodness. With an extensive range to suit all tastes having a vegan, or someone with a gluten allergy, to dinner no longer presents a problem. Generally available in the freezer section at larger stores: Waitrose, Tesco, Co-op and Sainsbury’s. Also available in independent stores they have a helpful section on their website to let you know your nearest supplier. Very handy to have in the freezer for emergencies this Christmas!

Where to buy

View all their produce on the Goodlife Foods website

More detail

Read about Goodlife's support for WLT

Puro Coffee

Fairtrade Coffee
from Puro

Many of our supporters will welcome the fact that Puro coffee is now available online for home delivery. There are also attractive gift pack options. Don’t forget to use the code WLT when you order your Puro Coffee.

Puro is the only Fairtrade coffee brand that works with the World Land Trust to actively protect rainforest. It will now also donate 2% of its online coffee sales to our purchase and protection projects in South America.

Where to buy

Buy directly from the Puro Coffee website

More detail

Read about Puro's support for WLT

A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil

Natural History Books
from NHBS

Treat someone to the much-awaited, comprehensive Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil, suitable for use in the field; it helps save Brazilian rainforest - your purchase will support WLT’s project partners in Brazil.

For other book ideas, NHBS offers a treasure trove of natural history titles with publications suitable for everyone from children to specialists. NHBS has supported WLT since its launch. Over the years NHBS has been and invaluable supporter of WLT’s Books for Conservation scheme which sends hundreds of books to WLT partner organisations and other deserving groups helping their work in the field.

Where to buy

Buy directly from the NHBS website

More details

Get more information on the range of books sold by NHBS
Read about NHBS's support for WLT

A New Dawn

Music to Sooth Your Soul
by Sarah Class

With a haunting blend of folk and orchestral romanticism, the musical style of Sarah Class complements her passion for the environment. A composer for BBC Natural History, film and television, Class’s sweeping melodies come to new life on her debut solo album, A New Dawn.

Sarah is donating £1 from every copy of A New Dawn to the World Land Trust.

Where to buy

Buy from Sarah Class's website or from iTunes.

More details

Read about Sarah Class's supports for WLT

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