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Young Fundraisers' Hall of Fame

Welcome to the World Land Trust's (WLT) hall of fundraising fame, featuring details about events that have raised funds for threatened wildlife habitats in our project areas.

If you would like your event to be included in the WLT Hall of Fame, contact us with information, photos and parental permission, once you have made your donation to the WLT.


  • Cougar Canyon
    Cougar Canyon Elementary School from Delta, British Columbia, Canada, has chosen to raise money for World Land Trust (WLT). $1000 was raised through a movie night and the sale of tribal bracelets and tree seedlings, as well as an Amazon Rainforest trivia booth.
  • Big Cat Appeal December Charity card by Pippa and Thomas
    The Children's Meeting chose the World Land Trust as their preferred charity in December 2014 - specifically big cats.
  • Maple Class and their certificate
    Maple Class raised £25 for Ecuador by running a rainforest cafe.
  • Avenue Primary School teachers
    Avenue Primary School's Year 4 children participated in the 'Make a Difference Challenge' in the Spring term last year.
  • Atlantic Rainforest © Emily Horton
    Englefield Primary School, Berkshire raised £100 for the Buy an Acre appeal when they wore clothes like explorers, animals and natives instead of our uniform.
  • Gracemount Primary School
    Gracemount Primary School raised £335 by holding a rainforest open morning.
  • Year 2 pupils from Trinity St. Peter’s Primary School, Formby, Liverpool
    Trinity St. Peter’s Primary School, Formby, Liverpool pupils organized a pop up café and raised £100
  • Jerwoods School
    180 students raised over £300 to save wildlife habitat in Mexico during a 'fun' fundraising day.
  • Students learned about sharing our world with animals
    Students held a bakesale and Indian dinner to raise £500 needed to buy land for the Indian Elephants.
  • Tyneham and Studland Classes fundraising
    The students baked some delicious cakes, sweets and cookies to sell using rainforest foods.
  • Campaign poster for rainforest conservation
    The members of Lings Wood Wildlife Watch Group designed 'save the rainforest' posters and voted to donate some of their Lings Wood Wildlife Watch moneybox to protect threatened wildlife habitat.
  • Borneo Orang-utan Appeal
    The students raised £500 for the World Land Trust Borneo Appeal through a school project. As well as raising money they put a lot of effort into raising awareness.
  • Amiee and Chloe's picture of a Toucan
    Aimee and Chloe Williams raised £100 when they organised a sponsored bounce to see how many seat drops they could do in a minute.
  • Drawing by Iva Rajh
    Eight year old Iva drew pictures and sold them to friends and family to raise money for the World Land Trust.
  • Plant sale
    St Mary's Catholic First School raised money for the WLT by selling plants, paper mȃché jewellery, glass paintings and toys. After studying WLT's projects took a vote on which projects to support.
  • Wilton Centre Primary School
    Wilton Centre Primary School managed to raise enough money to save half an acre of rainforest in Brazil with a Christmas Craft Fair.
  • Brazil Rainforest © Chris Knowles
    In recognition of International Day and Earth Day, each student in year 4 helped compile a book of recipes from around the world, then sold copies to raise money for the Brazilian Rainforest Project.
  • Ecuador Rainforest
    Five children from Viewley Hill primary school in Hemlington, Middlesbrough, baked and sold iced biscuits to raise money for wildlife conservation.
  • Valley Heights Students
    First and second graders at the school were inspired by the WLT webcam and raised money for Fundación Jocotoco by collecting "Pennies for Puro".
  • Students with their Certificate
    The Students from the Language Arts Course did a project about the destruction of the rainforests - and decided to help. Read about their Rainforest Collection.
  • Ecuador Rainforest
    Students from St. Mary School in Ohio collected pennies in their classroom for four months to save up money to protect endangered habitats.
  • Rebecca Siddall
    Rebecca held a 10 hour sponsored silence raising money for Ecuador.
  • Tree at REGUA by Chris Knowles
    Saved 4 acres by selling fairtrade goods at their coffee afternoon arranged by pupils from years 3 and 4.
  • Letter from Tori Ratcliffe
    Tori organised a sponsored silence.
  • Students with their rainforest treats
    Rome International School in Italy raised money for the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil with a sponsored walk through a park near to their school, followed by a rainforest snacks sale.
  • Ecuadorian Rainforest by Keith Macintosh
    Rachel Carver and Louisa Pattisson raised money for WLT when they spent two days 'fossil fuel free' in Summer 2008, camping and eating only locally produced food cooked over a dead-wood fire, using a pond to keep food cool.
  • Canopy by Emily Horton
    Helped save wildlife habitats by holding an Eco Bag for Life competition. The school sourced eco-friendly calico shopping bags from local Fair-trade supplier and invited pupils to purchase and decorate/customise a bag as imaginatively as possible.
  • North Baddesley Pupils
    Year 2 performed their own Rainforest Assembly to raise money to save an acre of rainforest.
  • Newton Primary children
    The all-singing, all-dancing children of classes P5 and P4/5 put on a rainforest themed school production, called Emerald Crown. Ticket sales, a raffle and a guess the Toucan's birthday game raised funds for WLT to save eight acres of rainforest.
  • Minster School in Nottingham
    The Minister School in Nottingham raised money for the Brazillian Rainforest by having a non-uniform day and informing the students of the importance of rainforest conservation.
  • Biology teachers at Macmillan Academy
    The Macmillan Academy organised a day of events and activities to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin, raising funds for the World Land Trust at the same time.
  • Thanos and Elenis' thankyou letter
    Thanos and Eleni raised money by having a jumble sale and a cake sale. They have saved 4 acres of threatened rainforest. They also sent us a thankyou letter and drawing of a Rainforest.
  • Kilbowie Primary artwork
    Pupils from two Primary 7 classes organised an art exhibition to raise funds to save rainforest in Brazil.
  • Class 5X at Lyndhurst School
    5X, Lynhurst School created a Rainforest Corridor in their school corridor and raised funds for the Atlantic Rainforest.
  • Lochnall Primary children
    P. 4, 5 and 6 from Lochnell Primary School raised funds for the World Land Trust in the summer 2007 by selling finger knitted snakes, origami butterflies and frogs, rainforest cocktails and much much more in their very own rainforest they built in their class room.
  • George and Harry serving food in the rainforest cafe
    George Frankel and Henry Orlebar came up with the fantastic idea of hosting a Rainforest Cafe to to raise money for rainforest in Ecuador. Their contribution enabled WLT to protect 7 acres of tropical forest.
  • Katie Honey on her bike
    Katie raised an impressive £1200 by embarking on a 250 mile sponsored bike ride.
  • Brazil Rainforest by Alan Martin
    This young brother and sister team from Derby made paper planes, fans and gift bags, then sold them to local residents. They raised enough money to save two acres of rainforest in Brazil.
  • Dominic Lange with teacher Miss Emma Baser.
    Pupils from Year 6 held a Rainforest Day with sponsored activities and a cake and book sale, and managed to raise money to save over 40 acres of tropical rainforest - That's tens of thousands of trees!
  • Ice creams
    Raised over £1,600 through selling ice cream, putting on a pantomime, organising a rag day and other events.
  • The Eco Action Team's Green Day Shop
    Highfields School held a Green Day event including a shop selling environmentally friendly products to raise money for Borneo.
  • Purple butterfly picture
    Rainforest Sale - pupils from class p7K held a sale with lots of stalls, including 'guess the teddy's birthday'.
  • Rainforest wristbands
    The school fundraised to help save the Brazillian Atlantic Rainforest with an Art Show and Save the Rainforest wrist band sale.
  • Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth at REGUA
    Primary 7 held two bake sales to raise funds to buy an acre of Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.
  • Well Dressing created by the Children of Foolow
    The children of Foolow, Derbyshire, saved 3.5 acres of rainforest through their 2007 Well Dressing event.
  • Patagonian Mara pup
    Sam Donaghey, Jesper Price, Alastair Scott and James McLeish decided to sell old toys, videos and games to raise money to help save endangered animals and habitats around the world.
  • Dulwich International College raised money to buy Two Acres
    Class 8Y Geography organised a delivery service, raising money for rainforest in Ecuador.
  • Yanacocha reserve, Ecuador
    Mrs Hagood's 3rd graders made over 300 bead bracelets as part of their Economics unit. The students, called the "Superstars," sold the bracelets for 50 cents each in Cora Kelly's cafeteria.
  • Coombe Hill Junior School children
    The Green Team from Coombe Hill Junior School, raised money for the WLT, from their Eco day, where the children paid £1 each to wear their own clothes to school.
  • Colchester Sixth Form coin collection
    Colchester Sixth Form held a Green Week to raise funds for the Borneo Orang-utan appeal.
  • REGUA, Brazil © Chris Knowles
    Key stage two held a rainforest café where they designed and made their own fruits drinks and snacks, raising funds to protect rainforest in Paraguay, India, Brazil and Ecuador.
  • Brazil Rainforest
    Primary 4, 5 and 6 helped protect 6 acres of Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil through various fundraising activities during their rainforest project.
  • Students from Bildeston Primary
    The school held a sponsored silence for a total of 2 hours to raise enough money to save 13 acres of rainforest.
  • Ecuador Rainforest
    Belmont Grosvenor School raised money to save one acre of threatened habitat as part of their rainforest project.
  • Bath Wildlife WATCH Group
    The Wildlife WATCH Group organised a Rainforest Feast of 46 types of food derived from the rainforest, raising money for the Amazon Basin project in Ecuador.
  • Tree Ocelot
    Pupils from year 6 held a variety of events including a summer fair, sponsored spell and car wash and managed to help preserve 34 acres of tropical forest in Ecuador.
  • Arfryn Primary School display
    Rainforest Fayre - pupils sold cakes, raffle tickets and held a fayre to help raise money for the WLT.
  • Ardvreck School
    Children of the pre-prep department decided to build a rainforest in the school corridor, selling leaves for a penny, flowers for 5p and animals for 10p.
  • REGUA, Brazil © Chris Knowles
    The children raised a fantastic £650 by creating Rainforest Drinks and performing a dance demonstrating the destruction of the rainforest.
  • Paper Jewellery
    Little Sutton were very inventive with their fundraising. The children created a whole business called 'The Paper Jeweller'.
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