Saving threatened habitats worldwide


Details of supporters raising funds for World Land Trust (WLT), plus information on previous fundraisers.

Individual fundraiser events

  • Activity:

    Cycling from the UK to NZ

    In 2018 Camilla & Julian Read decided to depart one small island (UK) for another (NZ) and see how far they can cycle over one year to raise funds for the protection of endangered habitats they pass along the way.

    On 7th March 2018 we will set off from the UK and cycle through Eurasia towards Singapore, crossing 27 countries over 21,000 kms (13,000 miles).

    On their fundraising page, they have said "We will be riding through some of the world's most beautiful and inspiring natural habitats. Through fundraising for the World Land Trust we hope to raise awareness of the importance of these habitats, not just for those people and animals living there, but to the health and wellbeing of all of us, and our planet."

  • Isabella Thompson

    Pets 4 Planets stall

    Nine year old Isabella learned about the rainforest at school and decided to raise money at her school christmas fair for World Land Trust (WLT) to save an acre of rainforest. Isabella and her family made christmas dog toys, dog bow ties and bandanas for her to sell and she called her stall Pets 4 Planets. 

    Isabella said "I choose the World Land Trust because at school we are learning about the rainforest and I don't want one of natures great habitats to be destroyed. I'm glad my fundraising is going to such a good cause".

  • Amie Frederick

    Mini Triathlon

    Amie is doing a mini-triathlon to raise funds for wildlife conservation through World Land Trust (WLT). She says "WLT buys land for animals to run freely again. I want to be a conservationist when I grow up to help animals. Animal's habitats are precious without them the animals will become endangered or extinct.

    "I feel tired just thinking about doing a mini triathlon but I feel very happy to be raising money. 

    "My triathlon will be on Sunday 8th October. I will swim non stop 100 metres at our local pool, straight after this I will run 800 m and then cycle 1600 m in the local park. This will complete my challenge. These are the distances for a 9-11 year old doing a mini triathlon and I am only 8! Wish me luck!"

  •  Hong Kong 50 km Cyclothon

    Hong Kong 50 km Cyclothon

    Patrick Sherriff will be cycling in the Hong Kong 50 km Cyclothon on 8 October 2017. More than 5,000 cyclists from around the world are expected to test their mettle later this year at the city’s third annual Cyclothon, which will feature for the first time an internationally recognised 100km circuit that will twist its way around south Kowloon.

    Patrick says "Rather than doing it for just personal gain, I am going to do it to raise funds for a charity I have supported for 28 years, World Land Trust (WLT). Their mission is to protect the worlds most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. For instance, most recently they raised £300,000 to save the habitat for the Orang-utan in Kinabatangan, Borneo. I will be specifically raising money for their Action Fund which allows WLT to direct money where it is most urgently needed.

    "Whilst I am no Chris Froome or Bradley Wiggins and the event is no Tour de France, I aim not only to complete the 50 km but to do it in a personal best time of less than 2 1/2 hours. So there will be pain, and I'm hoping, lots of gain!"


  • Thomas Davis

    Bristol Half-Marathon

    Thomas is running the Bristol Half-Marathon to raise £100 for the protection of rainforest.

  • Activity:

    Marlborough Half Marathon

    Tilia is running the Marlborough Half Marathon 2017 for World Land Trust because she wants to protect the planet, its land and species, and she has pledged to match all donations out of her own pocket.

  • Camilla Argent

    Dart 10k swim

    Camilla swam the Dart 10K for World Land Trust and War Child in her first official open water swim, managing to beat her £500 combined fundraising target for both charities.

    She says "No human or animal species can thrive or survive without the careful balance of our natural ecosystems. Protecting and nourishing the natural environment is a fundamental imperative. Please join me in helping to protect and restore it."

  • Henry Teare

    Channel Swim

    Henry is untaking the challenge of swimming the English Channel from the coast of Kent to France for the Big Kid Foundation (BKF) and World Land Trust (WLT). He will leave Samphire Hoe Beach in Folkestone wearing only swimgear, goggles and a swim cap in 18ºC water, swimming 21 miles with the target of 16 hours or less.  

    Henry recounts how he went from a recreational swimmer to someone taking on this long distance feat, "I took up swimming about 7 years ago as I was getting a bad back at work and heard that swimming front crawl could help. I was then hooked on the idea of Open Water swimming. Fascinated by the physical Challenge of the Channel I joined an Open water Swim club (Red Top Swim) in East London 2 ½ years ago and signed up for the Channel at the beginning of last year.

    "Since January I’ve spent nearly 12 days in the water and swum the equivalent distance from London to Zurich - Gutten tag! (790 km/490 miles as the crow flies)."

    World Land Trust wishes Henry the best of luck!

  • Activity:

    Portuguese Coastal Way - Porto to Santiago

    Andrea is walking between 25 to 35 km a day for approximately two weeks starting on the 23rd August 2017 on the Portuguese Coastal Way.

    "This walk is to find some space, inside and outside of myself, in a world that can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. By gratefully reconnecting with nature and the simplicity (or challenge!) of putting one foot in front of the other, I also hope to raise £1000 for the protection of some wild spaces around the world, where nature might be allowed to regenerate and flourish."

  • Litterpick fundraisers


    Tom and his father Ross Kite have organised several litter-picking events in support of wildlife conservation through World Land Trust (WLT). Ross says:

    "Last Christmas Tom and I were watching David Attenborough in Planet Earth 2, when Tom decided that he wanted to sell toys and give his money to 'save the animals'. I said we should do things properly and raise as much money as we can.

    "We found out that David Attenborough, Steve Backshall, and Chris Packham are patrons of a charity called the World Land Trust; an international conservation charity who buy land to protect entire ecosystems, rather than target individual species. In their words they '...protect the world's most biologically important and threatened habitats, acre by acre.' The mission of the World Land Trust is to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems of the world, to conserve their biodiversity, with emphasis on threatened habitats and endangered species."

  • Sue Lisa and Sarah

    Cotswold Way Challenge

    Lisa, Sue and Sarah walked 100km over 2 days for the first time for World Land Trust.

    "I'm told I'm having a midlife crisis and mad to try to walk this far in 2 days. Perhaps both are true. 'Just donate some money without all the pain' a friend said. Fair enough, but I just have this weird (midlife crisis) energy to do something positive. I'd like to say I helped protect an area of land rich in wildlife for my children to perhaps visit one day," says Lisa Henderson.

    Sarah, who is walking in memory of Isabel Field, says "After being schooled by my Mum about the importance of protecting wildlife and land (in New Zealand) amidst the backdrop of unwanted predators and greedy developers, I want to put another positive footprint into the conservation cause."

    Lisa has signed up to do another Action Challenge in 2018 for WLT- find out more here!

  • Activity:

    Great Manchester Run

    Julian is running the 10 kilometre Great Manchester Run to raise funds for World Land Trust. 

  • Activity:

    5000 mile, 365 day walk around the UK

    Alice is walking 5,000 miles around the UK for one year with her dog, camping in a tent, to raise funds for World Land Trust.

  • Cassius Vardaal


    After meeting Steve and Helen Backshall, 10 year old Cassius Vardaal was inspired to compete fundraise for the Saving Kinabatangan appeal protecting Bornean Elephant and Orang-utan habitat by competing in a mini-triathlon.

    His mother Doremi told WLT on the day, "Cassius completed the course and did brilliantly, there were around 150 children in his age group (9-10yrs) and over 350 over all the ages. He swam 100m, cycled 1.6k and ran 1.2k. It was quite gruelling given the inclement weather, it rained literally all day but he is so thrilled to have raised £388 so far."

    Contact Doremi Vardaal or donate online to sponsor Cassius' event. (Please leave a comment with your donation for it to be added to Cassius' total)

  • Activity:

    Five Year Fundraising Challenge

    Becky has set herself a challenge of raising £5,000 for World Land Trust's (WLT) Buy an Acre appeal to protect 50 acres of tropical forest. Starting with a bake sale, she has planned various fundraising events to raise funds and awareness for WLT. One of the main events is a Ceilidh in St Pauls Church, Cambridge, on May 6 2017, where there will be a charity raffle. 

    "Raising £5,000 will enable World Land Trust to buy and protect 50 acres of tropical forest forever. 50 acres is the equivalent of Green Park in London (between St James Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens). So that means that 50 acres could protect 2500 trees, part of a beautiful river or waterfall, countless different species of plants, birds, reptiles and mammals and over 20 billion insects! (They’re all important!)"

  • Daniel De'Ath

    Virgin London Marathon

    Daniel ran the Virgin London Marathon and raised more than £1,000 for World Land Trust.

    Daniel says "I have always wanted to run the London marathon and so running for a worthy cause that is close to my heart will hopefully give me that extra boost to the finish line. The World Land Trust helps conservation projects all over the world and is endorsed by the big man himself, Sir David Attenborough, so you know your money is going to where it is most needed... to help the world preserve its natural beauty so we can keep watching Planet Earth!

    "It was an incredible day and such an amazing atmosphere. Nice to be surrounded by so much positivity with people cheering you on the whole way round. The weather was good but not too hot so that helped and I managed to grit my teeth and get under 3 and a half hours which was my aim."

  • Activity:

    Virgin London Marathon

    On 23 April 2017 Sarah will be taking on the terrifying 26.2 mile challenge of the Virgin London Marathon to fundraise for World Land Trust and Brain Tumour Research.

    Sarah says "I have been training hard and ventured out in the snow, ice and dark nights to slowly increase my miles, and despite a significant lack of sleep and grumbling injuries I am determined to finish the course to the best of my ability. Although, in the past I have completed a few triathlons this has been by far the hardest thing I have ever trained for."

  • George Earnshaw

    Borneo fundraiser

    George’s mother, Lesley Earnshaw, runs a Twitter account for the two of them which they use to keep track of wildlife news. They spotted Steve Backshall and his wife Helen Glover’s ‘Saving Kinabatangan #Race4Borneo’ fundraising mission on their Twitter feed, and George decided to ask his family for donations instead of Easter Eggs, and his friends to donate a ‘golden nugget’ to the cause if they could.

    George tells WLT it just grew from there “After just two days I had raised £50! I got the support of my school and they allowed me to ask my classmates for their help and supported me in my year assembly.

    “My mum and dad asked the people who they worked with for help and I wrote to neighbours and family. My school also let me run a ‘Name the Orang-utan’ competition at lunchtimes to raise more. After four weeks, I was able to donate £700 to the cause.”

    Find out more »

  • James Yard

    Brighton Marathon

    James ran the Brighton Marathon to raise funds for World Land Trust because he believes conservation is something which affects all living things, now and in the future. 

    "I chose to support World Land Trust because they share my vision of protecting natural habitats by educating and investing in local communities. 

    "What I enjoy most about life is being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature. WLT will help future generations enjoy these simple but invaluable pleasures."

  • Activity:

    Brighton Marathon

    Michael ran the Brighton Marathon and exceeded his £500 target fundraising for WLT. 

    "Thanks so much to all my generous sponsors for your support- and to everyone who turned out to cheer! The beautiful weather made the running very tough this year but thanks to your support I kept going & finished with a time of 3.40.18."

  • Yvonne Paulley

    Bath Half-Marathon

    Yvonne ran the Bath Half-Marathon for the second time for World Land Trust, as part of the S & C Thermofluids Corporate Challenge team, running to celebrate the company's 30th Birthday. She exceeded her fundraising target and completed the run despite getting knee trouble halfway through the run. 

  • Dilan and Dominic Patel

    The Suffering Obstacle Race

    Dilan and Dominic participated in the 10 mile obstacle course called 'The Suffering' held at Rockingham Castle in Leicestershire, fundraising jointly for WaterAid and World Land Trust.

    "We both feel very strongly about the issues that these two charities tackle. Generating a sustainable source of water whilst educating the local community on hygiene and sanitation is an excellent solution to the problems faced by people in rural areas in the developing world. Conserving rainforests and other such habitats is equally as important; if we don’t conserve we will lose important animal and plant species, this will devastate the ecosystem and biodiversity. Regenerating these landscapes and reconnecting fragmented forests also generates a greater store for CO2."

  • Activity:

    Sugar Free February

    Isobel participated in Sugar-free February to raise funds for World Land Trust's Buy an Acre appeal. 

    Isobel says "I'm going sugar free for February to raise money for the world land trust. The cultivation and processing of sugar produce environmental impacts through the loss of natural habitats, intensive use of water, heavy use of agro-chemicals, discharge and runoff of polluted effluent and air pollution. This leads to the degradation of wildlife, soil, air and water where sugar is produced and of downstream ecosystems. I hope to raise more awareness of these issues, and raise enough money to buy at least an acre of forest to protect."

  • Portugal route.

    Running the length of Portugal.

    In October 2016, Ty will be running the entire length of Portugal (north to south) in 10 days or less, averaging around 40 miles per day. His journey will start at Caminha, the tip of Portugal, travelling down the coast all the way through Porto, via Lisbon and finishing in Sagres.

  • Activity:

    Standing for elephants

    A group of associates from The Capital Group were standing all day on Friday 14th of October to raise money for World Land Trust's (WLT) Elephant Corridor Appeal.

    The Capital Group has a history of support and fundraising with WLT, as fellow colleagues Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini raised a staggering £7,985 for the Olympic Forest Appeal earlier this year, and last year a group of Capital Group staff  gave a day of their time to volunteer at Kites Hill, WLT's nature reserve in Gloucestshire. Capital Group is also a supporter of WLT’s Carbon Balanced project in Vietnam.


  • Activity:

    Running the Mount Cook marathon.

    Ed is running one of the world's most scenic road marathons to raise money for World Land Trust (WLT).

    He says "I have donated to the WLT in the past and think that the work they do is vital in protecting our natural world. This marathon runs through a stunning natural location and so I thought it was all the more appropriate to raise money that will go towards conserving other important areas around the world."

  • Activity:


    Jonathan Briggs decided to ask his friends to sponsor him to jump out of a plane to help save the rainforest. 

    He said "150 acres of the worlds rainforests are cut down every day.  I want to raise at least £100 to save an acre of what remains of the rainforest so that the species that live there are not destroyed."

    He managed to raise £270, saving over two and a half acres through WLT's Buy an Acre programme.

  • Kilimanjaro

    Climbing Kilimanjaro

    Helen will attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895m / 19,341 feet at Uhuru Peak. She will be trekking the Lemosho Route, taking 7 nights, camping on the mountain. As well as experiencing the acute altitude effects, temperatures towards the summit may reach as low as –29 degrees Celcius (-20 degrees F).

    Helen says "This goal is especially poignant for me personally as, in 2010 at age 33yrs, I was told by my knee surgeon that I would never walk again without pain. He said that I should try to manage the pain, stop all my ‘extreme’ activities, and come back to him for a new knee when I could no longer stand it. In effect, he told me that this was the end of me doing all the things I love most in life - i.e. being active and exploring the world around me."

    Find out more »

  • Activity:

    Cycling the Tour de Tay

    Andy is cycling the 50 mile Tour de Tay with Julie and David Flavell to raise money for World Land Trust. 

  • Activity:

    Running the Kruger half-marathon

    Marion is running 21km through the African savanna to raise money for WLT's Keepers of the Wild appeal. During her visits to South Africa over the past ten years, Marion has been impressed by the importance of rangers for conservation, and chose to raise funds for rangers while running through African wilderness. 

  • Wendy and Arabella

    Walking over 300 miles around the UK

    Wendy and Arabella are mother and daughter (14 yrs) who walked over 300 miles the summer of 2016 to raise money for the World Land Trust (WLT).  The walks included Suffolk Coast Path, Norfolk Coast Path, South West Coast Path and The West Highland Way.

    Find out more »

  • Russell Tanner

    240 mile cycle ride from Clutton to WLT headquarters in Halesworth.

    As part of Clutton Primary School’s Rainforest Relief event this July, teacher Russell Tanner is determined to become the oldest person to cycle the 240 miles between Clutton and WLT's offices in Halesworth, Suffolk.

    Russell said “I'll be setting out on 15th July at 8.30ish and hope to complete the odyssey with 52 year old mind and body still intact within 36 hours. The ride is part of a wider fundraising initiative to purchase land through the World Land Trust to save and protect rainforest for the sake of the myriad of living things who call it their home, as well as help ensure the survival of an ecosystem so vital to our own survival.” 

  • Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini.

    The London 2 Brighton Challenge - 100 kilometres from London to Brighton

    On Saturday 28 May Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini will be setting off to take on 100 kilometres (62 miles) of paths, trails, all the way from London to Brighton, aiming to complete this marathon trek in less than 15 hours.

  • London 2 Brighton Challenge.

    London 2 Brighton Challenge

  • Russ Sharp.

    Cycling from Land's End to John o'Groats

  • Dan Lambert and Ben Saunders.

    Jurassic Coast Challenge

  • Jemma-Louise Baird training for the clim

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

  • WLT Fundraisers logo.

    Cycling the west coast of the United States

  • George Christofis in Denmark.

    Cycling from Barcelona to Copenhagen

  • Chris Beard

    Hitchhiking from Wales to India

  • Charlotte and Jim

    Climbing Mont Blanc

  • Darren Lloyd and Izzy Bridges.

    Cycling around the world.

  • William Herrington


  • Steven Ware and his partner Jennifer with Bill Oddie.

    Sponsored Walk

  • WLT Fundraisers.

    Selling her artwork to buy 100 acres of threatened habitat through WLT's Buy an Acre Programme.

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