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Details of supporters raising funds for World Land Trust (WLT), plus information on previous fundraisers.

Individual fundraiser events

  • Sarah MacDonald

    Virgin London Marathon

    On 23 April 2017 Sarah will be taking on the terrifying 26.2 mile challenge of the Virgin London Marathon to fundraise for World Land Trust and Brain Tumour Research.

    Sarah says "I have been training hard and ventured out in the snow, ice and dark nights to slowly increase my miles, and despite a significant lack of sleep and grumbling injuries I am determined to finish the course to the best of my ability. Although, in the past I have completed a few triathlons this has been by far the hardest thing I have ever trained for."

  • Portugal route.

    Running the length of Portugal.

    In October 2016, Ty will be running the entire length of Portugal (north to south) in 10 days or less, averaging around 40 miles per day. His journey will start at Caminha, the tip of Portugal, travelling down the coast all the way through Porto, via Lisbon and finishing in Sagres.

  • Activity:

    Standing for elephants

    A group of associates from The Capital Group were standing all day on Friday 14th of October to raise money for World Land Trust's (WLT) Elephant Corridor Appeal.

    The Capital Group has a history of support and fundraising with WLT, as fellow colleagues Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini raised a staggering £7,985 for the Olympic Forest Appeal earlier this year, and last year a group of Capital Group staff  gave a day of their time to volunteer at Kites Hill, WLT's nature reserve in Gloucestshire. Capital Group is also a supporter of WLT’s Carbon Balanced project in Vietnam.


  • Activity:

    Running the Mount Cook marathon.

    Ed is running one of the world's most scenic road marathons to raise money for World Land Trust (WLT).

    He says "I have donated to the WLT in the past and think that the work they do is vital in protecting our natural world. This marathon runs through a stunning natural location and so I thought it was all the more appropriate to raise money that will go towards conserving other important areas around the world."

  • Activity:


    Jonathan Briggs decided to ask his friends to sponsor him to jump out of a plane to help save the rainforest. 

    He said "150 acres of the worlds rainforests are cut down every day.  I want to raise at least £100 to save an acre of what remains of the rainforest so that the species that live there are not destroyed."

    He managed to raise £270, saving over two and a half acres through WLT's Buy an Acre programme.

  • Kilimanjaro

    Climbing Kilimanjaro

    Helen will attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895m / 19,341 feet at Uhuru Peak. She will be trekking the Lemosho Route, taking 7 nights, camping on the mountain. As well as experiencing the acute altitude effects, temperatures towards the summit may reach as low as –29 degrees Celcius (-20 degrees F).

    Helen says "This goal is especially poignant for me personally as, in 2010 at age 33yrs, I was told by my knee surgeon that I would never walk again without pain. He said that I should try to manage the pain, stop all my ‘extreme’ activities, and come back to him for a new knee when I could no longer stand it. In effect, he told me that this was the end of me doing all the things I love most in life - i.e. being active and exploring the world around me."

    "It has been a long road, but with perseverance and pig-headedness I have proved him wrong and maybe, just maybe, I can do this – just before my 40th birthday!"

    "Whether or not I make it to the top (and believe me – I will give it my best shot!) I would love this attempt to help the world we live in. There is an overwhelming number of causes I would love to support locally, nationally and internationally, but feeling a global responsibility for those lives without voices, I have finally chosen the World Land Trust."

  • Activity:

    Cycling the Tour de Tay

    Andy is cycling the 50 mile Tour de Tay with Julie and David Flavell to raise money for World Land Trust. 

  • Activity:

    Running the Kruger half-marathon

    Marion is running 21km through the African savanna to raise money for WLT's Keepers of the Wild appeal. During her visits to South Africa over the past ten years, Marion has been impressed by the importance of rangers for conservation, and chose to raise funds for rangers while running through African wilderness. 

  • Wendy and Arabella

    Walking over 300 miles around the UK

    Wendy and Arabella are mother and daughter (14 yrs) who walked over 300 miles the summer of 2016 to raise money for the World Land Trust (WLT).  The walks included Suffolk Coast Path, Norfolk Coast Path, South West Coast Path and The West Highland Way.

  • Russell Tanner

    240 mile cycle ride from Clutton to WLT headquarters in Halesworth.

    As part of Clutton Primary School’s Rainforest Relief event this July, teacher Russell Tanner is determined to become the oldest person to cycle the 240 miles between Clutton and WLT's offices in Halesworth, Suffolk.

    Russell said “I'll be setting out on 15th July at 8.30ish and hope to complete the odyssey with 52 year old mind and body still intact within 36 hours. The ride is part of a wider fundraising initiative to purchase land through the World Land Trust to save and protect rainforest for the sake of the myriad of living things who call it their home, as well as help ensure the survival of an ecosystem so vital to our own survival.” 

  • Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini.

    The London 2 Brighton Challenge - 100 kilometres from London to Brighton

    On Saturday 28 May Rob Beale and Phil Giannecchini will be setting off to take on 100 kilometres (62 miles) of paths, trails, all the way from London to Brighton, aiming to complete this marathon trek in less than 15 hours.

  • London 2 Brighton Challenge.

    London 2 Brighton Challenge

  • Russ Sharp.

    Cycling from Land's End to John o'Groats

  • Dan Lambert and Ben Saunders.

    Jurassic Coast Challenge

  • Jemma-Louise Baird training for the clim

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

  • WLT Fundraisers logo.

    Cycling the west coast of the United States

  • George Christofis in Denmark.

    Cycling from Barcelona to Copenhagen

  • Chris Beard

    Hitchhiking from Wales to India

  • Charlotte and Jim

    Climbing Mont Blanc

  • Darren Lloyd and Izzy Bridges.

    Cycling around the world.

  • William Herrington


  • Steven Ware and his partner Jennifer with Bill Oddie.

    Sponsored Walk

  • WLT Fundraisers.

    Selling her artwork to buy 100 acres of threatened habitat through WLT's Buy an Acre Programme.

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