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  1. Saving the Paraguayan Wilderness

    Paraguay is the meeting point for many different eco-regions which, together, ... Wild » Project aim Paraguay is a relatively unknown, land-locked country in the heart of South ... and humid forests. The aim of WLT’s conservation work in Paraguay is to raise funds to purchase and protect these critical habitats ...

  2. WLT’s forest conservation project in Paraguay achieves second stage verification

    ... News Carbon Balanced Ecosystem Services Paraguay The Paraguayan ... by World Land Trust (WLT) in partnership with Guyra Paraguay has passed its second Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) verification. ...

  3. Gran Chaco Region: 89,833 acres of forest destroyed in January 2015

    ... I am reproducing in my blog today, verbatim the latest from Paraguay. It needs no comment from me, other than to say, it is disasters like ... than 1.8 times that of the city of Buenos Aires. Paraguay accounted for the largest share of the 36,355 hectares of woodlands ...

  4. Meat Free Week starts today

    Related topics:  Events Paraguay Chaco During Meat Free Week ... The Gran Chaco spans parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. According to recent satellite information, Paraguay accounted for the ...

  5. Guyra Paraguay selected for international ecotourism project

    Related topics:  Conservation News Paraguay Project Partners Guyra Paraguay , a conservation partner of World Land Trust (WLT), has been ...

  6. Conservation hero award for Guyra Paraguay Director

    ... topics:  Conservation News Chaco Paraguay The 2013 National ... to Alberto Yanosky, Executive Director of WLT Partner, Guyra Paraguay. The award is testament to Alberto’s outstanding work in ...

  7. Nick Baker draws public attention to the threat of deforestation in Paraguay

    Related topics:  Conservation News Paraguay Nick Baker, television presenter and ... Land Trust (WLT) ambassador, has appealed to the people of Paraguay to protect the Gran Chaco from deforestation. Nick was speaking ...

  8. A hectare of Gran Chaco forest lost every minute

    Related topics:  Paraguay Project Partners ... been revealed by a study of satellite imagery by  Guyra Paraguay (Guyra), a conservation partner of World Land Trust (WLT). ... Chaco forest, which covers parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, is now proceeding at a rate of 63 hectares per hour (156 acres), or ...

  9. Guyra Paraguay celebrates 15 successful years of conservation

    Related topics:  Conservation News Paraguay Project Partners Guyra Paraguay , World Land Trust’s (WLT) partner in Paraguay, has celebrated ...

  10. Guyra Paraguay

    ... Organisation’s aim: To protect areas throughout Paraguay, safeguarding varied habitats and species across the country. Guyra Paraguay’s work with local communities is very important to the organisation, ...


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