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Zambia is a land-locked, tropical country which takes its name from the magnificent Zambezi River, which runs across the southern border with Zimbabwe up to the north-west corner. Most of the country is a high plateau without much variation in altitude so it appears much flatter than its mountainous neighbours. However, it boasts more intact Miombo woodland than any other country, as well as large lakes, vast floodplains and spectacular waterfalls. Zambian wildlife has adapted to the differences between the temperature and rainfall across the wet and dry seasons, and with 15 natural ecosystem types, it comprises of over 8,000 known species. World Land Trust (WLT) is supporting the conservation of Zambia’s wildlife through the Keepers of the Wild program in partnership with the Kasanka Trust.

Partners in Zambia

Kasanka Trust

Kasanka Trust

Wildlife and Environment Conservation Society Zambia (WECSZ)

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ)

Projects in Zambia

Miombo Woodlands

The Miombo Woodlands ecoregion spans most of central and southern Africa and is comprised of shrubland, tropical grassland and savannah. Named after the Miombo tree, this area is home to a wealth of plant diversity and a huge range of animal life, including some of Africa's largest populations of elephants

Kasanka National Park

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