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World Land Trust (WLT) and its network of partners carries out innovative conservation work that is regularly featured in local and national media. This page displays a selection of news articles featuring WLT, ranging from our work to conserve threatened habitats and species to our high profile events.

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  • Dancing with ravens: how pleasant to remember Edward Lear

    The Independent
    29 January, 2013

    Where do we stand today on Edward Lear? John Lennon loved him, as did Queen Victoria, to whom he gave drawing lessons.

    Last year there were bicentennial shows in Oxford, at the Ashmolean, and at the Royal Society, and there is currently a smaller exhibition of prints at the World Land Trust gallery in Halesworth, Suffolk.

    But it’s when we come to the limericks that opinion tends to divide, and divide sharply...

    Should you feel the urge, the World Land Trust is running a limerick competition along with their exhibition...

  • Into the wild: Macaws are becoming a rare breed

    The Times
    26 January, 2013

    These were chestnut-fronted macaws; majestic enough but by no means the most spectacular macaws in the world. Or the most endangered. So I make another trip, this time to Halesworth in Suffolk, to talk about a different species of macaw. This one is even more dramatic to look at, and is in deep trouble...

    (Simon Barnes describes how the prospects of the Blue-throated macaw are improving, thanks to WLT's support for the Barba Azul nature reserve in Bolivia)

  • Wildlife expert's role

    East Anglian Daily Times
    14 January, 2013

    A much-loved wildlife expert has become a patron of a Halesworth-based charity. Chris well known for his work on TV, and is about to present Winterwatch on BBC2.

  • Widlife star joins charity as patron

    Eastern Daily Press
    12 January, 2013

    A much-loved wildlife expert has become a patron of a Halesworth-based charity. Chris Packham has become a patron of World Land Trust, joining the existing patrons Sir David Attenborough and David Gower.

  • Enchanted forest

    The Times
    8 December, 2012

    The trustees are an impressive bunch and doing their bit to stop the planet going to hell quite as fast as it might. And then, lo and behold, good news. There has been talk of the Misiones project for six years now and the details have baffled me. No longer.

    (Simon Barnes reports on World Land Trust's trustees meeting on 6 December 2012)

  • Even without the Olympics, 2012 would have been the most fabulous sporting year

    The Times Magazine
    8 December, 2012

    I missed the Ryder Cup as I was in Borneo saving the rainforest with the World Land Trust. But Europe's victory over the United States added another layer of improbability to the sporting year... In one of the classic sporting comebacks, Europe played all their best men early, seized the initiative and, with a sweet momentum shift, got the 8½ points they needed to win. Meanwhile, the World Land Trust helped to secure two more tracts of forest as orang-utan corridors.

    (In his sports round up of 2012, Simon Barnes mentions World Land Trust's achievements in Borneo)

  • Winter art show

    Beccles & Bungay Journal
    23 November, 2012

    A new winter exhibition opens at World Land Trust (WLT) gallery in Halesworth tomorrow...

  • Beauty gets trapped but the beast goes free

    The Times
    21 November, 2012

    One of the great problems with enjoying wildlife is that, on the whole, the wildlife would rather you were somewhere else. That being the case, they will often avoid the place where you are waiting for their company...

    (Simon Barnes reports on the BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition, sponsored by World Land Trust and Paramo)

  • Eyes on the prize

    BBC Wildlife Magazine
    21 November, 2012

    The winnning images in this year's BBC Wildlife camera-trap competition - of hungry cats, pugnacious bears and curious chinchillas - show why a picture isn't always just a picture...

    (Background stories and winning images from the 2012 BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo Competition in association with World Land Trust and Paramo)

  • No forest. No orang-utans. You do the maths

    The Times
    10 November, 2012

    Are you a rainforest half-destroyed sort of person? Or do you prefer to think that the rainforest is half-saved? I’m the first – at least, I am when I’m at home. In England, I can’t see the wood for the oil palm trees: the plantations that have sprouted up in areas where the towering forests have been clear-felled. But when I'm in the forest I feel quite differently...

  • India is dull compared with life on marsh

    The Times
    10 November, 2012

    Many thanks to everyone who sent money to the World Land Trust to help Guyra Paraguay after its field centre was destroyed in an arson attack by terrorists. My old friend Alberto Yanosky, the CEO of Guyra, says: "I would like to thank Times readers very deeply. It is very important to feel that we have international support and that what we do and the nature we are trying to save is something that matters to us all."

    (Simon Barnes, Wild Notebook, final item)

  • World Land Trust co-founder receives Honorary Doctorate

    University Campus Suffolk
    24 October, 2012

    John Burton, co-founder of the non-profit environmental organisation World Land Trust, was honoured with an Honorary Doctorate from UCS.

  • It's a bug's life inside Borneo's rainforests

    The Times
    20 October, 2012

    The mammals are shy and elusive and they can hear you coming from a mile off [...] I am back from Sabah in Borneo, travelling with the wildlife charity the World Land Trust.

  • Rainforest guardians feel the heat of terrorism

    The Times
    20 October, 2012

    Guyra has safeguarded a great deal of this area by buying it up. It has 7,306 hectares; the most recent chunk, 274 hectares, was purchased with the help of the World Land Trust...

  • South American land wars: Lot 8 and the mission to protect paradise

    The Independent
    20 October, 2012

    ..WLT turned its attention to Lot 8, sandwiched between the Argentinian Esmeraldas provincial park and Brazil's do Turvo state park on the other side of the Uruguay river. The deal should have been straightforward, particularly after Lot 8 changed hands..

  • The rhinocerous hornbill is a beak above the rest of its family

    The Times
    13 October, 2012

    It was a day of hornbills. I was on the Kinabatangan River in Borneo doing conservation work with World Land Trust. As we were inspecting gorgeous and buyable chunks of rainforest, we were also birding hard. We picked up six species of hornbill in an hour or two.

  • Anything stand out about the proboscis monkey?

    The Times
    13 October, 2012

    I was there looking at rainforest sites that the World Land Trust might help to purchase - but that didn’t mean we couldn’t stop and smell the monkeys.

  • Freddie in 'save rainforest' ride

    South London Press
    12 October, 2012

    An animal loving youngster got on his bike and cycled 10 miles to help save the world's rainforests and the creatures which live there. The enterprising seven-year-old ... wanted to raise enough money to buy an acre of rainforest for the World Land Trust. Afterwards Freddie said: "My legs felt like jelly. I was exhausted! It felt really brilliant though because I've done something to help save wildlife. Any children - and even adults - can help too. I really want to keep riding more."

  • New reserve for treasure island parrots

    3 September, 2012

    The World Land Trust has successfully raised £10,000 in just six months to protect the endangered Yellow-shouldered Parrot on a Caribbean island. In 2009, the organisation (WLT) helped create a 732 ha nature reserve to protect threatened dry forest on Margarita Island off the north coast of Venezuela.

  • Space-hopping world record confirmed by Guinness

    BBC News
    24 August, 2012

     A space-hopping student from Gloucestershire has had his bouncing world record bid confirmed by Guinness World Records [...] "I'm really proud, and happy to have achieved it for the World Land Trust," he said.


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